Here's a bit about me...



Are you wondering why I called my business Anoif Photography?


Anoif is Fiona spelt backwards, I preferred the sounds of Anoif Photography to Fiona Photography. Loads of people ask me this question. 


You’ve probably already realised that I photograph Weddings, families, pets and whatever anyone would like to throw at me really, I like to think I’m pretty versatile and flexible. I love a new change and like to try and see things in a different more interesting way if possible, the obvious it not always the best! Thomas Edison didn’t invent the light bulb doing what everyone else was doing after all. 


I love meeting new people which is rather fortunate given that's a rather big chunk of my job. I do enjoy getting to know my clients a little before I begin to photograph them, so if I don't have my camera pointing straight at you when we meet, don't be alarmed! Hehe. I honestly believe to capture natural connections between people, to get a truer story and to paint an actuate picture, everyone needs to be at ease with one another. Loads of my clients tell me I’m good at this, which I value greatly.


To capture the unknown, you need to know where to look to be able to pick up on atmospheres that are around at any given time. I watch from the side-lines with my camera, so I’m ready to grab these shots for you. 



Here’s 10 things you’ll loathe, love or learn to love about me:


1. I’m a farmer’s daughter, and proud! Growing up on a farm was the best experience ever; we had so much freedom, space and places to daydream. I so wish I could have done the same for Lewis and Natalie, we try to make to most of my brothers farm though. 


2. Cooking, I love it! Nigella, Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver, Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall are all frim favourites of mine.  I also love to host dinner parties for my friends or just the four of us, Richard, Lewis, Natalie and myself. Experimenting with new food and ingredients is one of my favourite things to do, when I have time. This has become slightly trickier though since my son was diagnosed intolerant to: dairy, eggs, yeast, hazelnuts and Brazil nuts. It makes you try other new things though, which is exciting. If you have any yummy recipes without these ingredients in please share them with me. 


3. I met my husband in 2001, on a blind date in Safeway’s car park in Malton, when I was just 16. He was a boy racer at the time and had an awesome red Peugeot 205 that he’d made look ’sporty' himself, we used to cruise around the countryside with friends whilst listening to funky music. It wasn’t until 2014 when I became Mrs Bielby though; I think that was due to us having children young, we thought we might as well wait until they could remember the day too, plus we needed a house and the rest of it. 


4. Give me a spider any day over a rat; I’m terrified of rats! 


5. My favourite Films are: Bridget Jone’s Diary-she was once my roll model, Erin Brockovich, Love Actually and The Greatest Showman. Basically, I love any film with some sop in it. On the flip side of that, I love a good series of crime or murder dramas! 


6. I enjoy trying different Single Malt Whiskey's with my hubby, along with sharing our Sunday bottle of red in front of the fire with come ease telly in the background. 


7. One of my hobbies has become my full-time job; I was always the one in my circle of friends with the disposable camera, taking pictures of our crushes, each other and catching friends out whilst they were sleeping. Haha, I know, my poor friends! They used to get me back though and when I developed my films there’d be one of me I there too. We also used to do the most badly styled photo shoots; I love whipping the photos out when we’re together for a good laugh. 


8. I’m ridiculously gullible! When I was 17, I was planning a holiday in Cornwall with Richard (our first holiday). I used to work behind the bar in the local pub, so I was telling the locals all about my plans. One of the regulars decided to ask me if I’d got my Euros ready to go, I totally panicked, they had me going the entire shift. I even checked with Richard when I got home. (Hand on head!)


9. Bright bold, colours and patterns are my favourite thing!


10. We have a dog-called Steve; he’s a German Pointer and blooming huge! He is a real softy and is happiest when he’s laid in the sun or out for walks and running with me. He’s so much bigger than we expected, it turns out looking at dogs out of a home environment is not the best idea, they look much smaller in the kennels! I love being with animals though; I find them therapeutic. When I get time, I also ride out my Mum’s old stallion (now gelded). He’s 26 and the perfect gentleman, so I’m teaching my daughter to ride on him, at the moment. 


Portraits by Natalie Coultas