The Families who've been in touch.

This is Drew and his family (5 month little one) this is what he had to say about what they like doing and their eco beliefs...


"We do quite a lot of environmentally friendly things as a family thinking on it! Obviously recycling, and our food waste is always composted. Our clothes are either from environmentally friendly companies or secondhand, though not always for the baby as her wardrobe is Christmas and birth gifts! We use eco friendly cleaning products for both household cleaning and laundry. Furniture and household items are usually secondhand as well to prevent landfill! There's probably lots more we do but I can't remember!"

This is Heidi and Josh with Hallie (5 months) and here's what they said:

"My husband and I met through college and rekindled over 4 years ago, we had our baby girl Hallie in September - she came as abit of a surprise as I hadn’t long miscarried before we concieved her. So she’s is our little rainbow baby

With regards to being more eco friendly - think the difficulties of lockdown we have become a more local buying household. Before I would buy everything from the supermarket as I thought it was easier - now we purchase our fruit, veg and meat locally - definitely noticed less plastic product packaging, so we made a conscious decision to maintain how we buy. We recycle everything in our home and little things like we always wash our clothes on a 30 degrees wash."


Here is Emma, Ella (1 year) and her hubby...

"We use brands like weleda and neals yard for Ella's bath time. We very conscious of products we use as a family and are drawn to naturally derived ingredients. We're big fans of shopping local and using small independents too so it would be lovely to hear more about the brand should we be selected"

Ruth is a Zoo Keeper at Flamingoland and her husband is an engineers the little one is 10 weeks.

"I myself an from Liverpool and moved here 5 years ago, me and my partner both work at Flamingoland, I'm a zoo keeper so eco friendly products are certainly what i look for in my purchases (my recent favorite find was eco friendly baby wipes at lidl for just 65p), my partner is an engineer at flamingoland we have been friends for 7 years and together for 4 ... we got engaged last year at edinburgh zoo. I appeared on last years big week at the zoo on channel 5 speaking about conservation and breeding and volunteer at olivers mount as a grid girl raising money for yorkshire air ambulance."

Megan is from Ireland and used to be a successful a Jockey.

"We are a family of 4, we had Ethan on the 30th of September 2020 and he was a big baby at 9lb13oz.


He is learning to sit up and trying to roll over at the minute. We love going walking as a family and our 3yo loves exploring nature. We have just put up a bird table along our garden and we love watching out for them."

She also told me they enjoy lots of walks and going to Dalby for outdoors fun. 


Please decide who you'd like to partake in the project, you need to be the decider as they will be the face of your product so to speak, once we know who we can get a date set asap, I said the shoot would be to take place in the next 2-3 weeks so technically 1-2 weeks now.