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Family Portraits

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When I take your family portraits my aim is for you to feel as comfortable as possible, so many people are uneasy in front of the camera, especially when someone else is taking the photos, that's ok! Don't worry, I'm lucky enough to do this as a job and love to see families just being themselves: crazy, wild, mad, quiet or calm we can take the time to capture you all in the most natural way for YOU. The time slot I give is a rough guide; I'm not worried if we run over a minute or two to get those perfect shots sometimes it takes people longer to get into it please don't be on edge because of this.

What do I aim to capture? If people are laughing in my portraits, I'm one happy little photographer! I LOVE to capture the essence of fun and happiness. A family having fun, playing, loving one another's company, just screams family portrait right at me. To get those little ones interested, they need to find the session fun, a game even. If this is what you want then you're my kind of family.


So during my family sessions I like to get out and about (weather permitting) for a walk in the countryside, a trip to the park or just to somewhere you like to be.  Why so outdoorsy? First and foremost, the light is magical-it flatters the skin and complexion a treat; there's loads of space, so you can be active and get those little ones moving. Plus, I love seeing new places and when all is said and done the backdrops are more often than not, just stunning! 


I also enjoy photographing families within their homes, I get that with our British climate, it's not always convenient to be out and about, so we can stay where you are most relaxed and comfortable. Families surrounded by their home comforts and possessions, adds the much needed character and charisma to your beautiful portraits. Plus, I often find the natural light that spills in from the windows and lights the portraits beautifully, and when I need a bit of extra help I have my trusty flash gun-which diffuses the light quite nicely for me. 

If you like the sound of this then check out my gallery below, if you haven't already, to see what I've managed to capture so far. Most of these are real families doing just what I've been talking about. You will notice though, my two children, Lewis and Natalie, I love to capture those two and why wouldn't I? I'm lucky to be able to capture them all year round. I offer packages on different levels so why not hop across to my pricing to see what suits you best...