Can we meet you first?

Yes of course, it's a huge investment choosing the right person to capture your day. Just let me know when you are free mid-week, then we can get together at a cafe or you can drop by my house for a cuppa, it's your call. 

How do we book?

If you'd like to book with me then make sure you send me the date of the wedding or photo shoot firstly also include where it will be, this way I can tell you whether I'm free or not and then we'll go from there.

Do we need to pay for your travel time?

No, not if you are less than 10 mile away from Malton. If you are a bit further a field, I don't ask you to pay for my time, that would be crazy! But I do ask you to pay 50​p per mile, this goes towards the petrol I'll need to pop in my little car.

What package do most people go for?

To be honest there isn't a most popular package, it all depends on what your plans are for your day. I usually tell people to think about what's important to them, what do you actually want photos of? Some people like to have the getting ready shot and some don't, some like up until the first dance where as others like the whole shebang and want photos right until the end. When you've thought about this, work backwards from the time you'd like me to stay until and see how many hours to mounts up to. I hand on heart recommend the Bluebell pack though if you are thinking you would like an album, you get the maximum amount of time coverage wise, a pre shoot and there's the 10 spread album in there too!

Do we need to pay a deposit?

Yes please! I'd like to say no, but at the end of the day I need to be sure I have your commitment too, I need to make a living from this lovely job. I ask for just a 25% deposit, so when you've decided on what package you would like we can work out what you need to pay to secure your date.

When does the total need paying?

I'm too laid back about this really, as long as I have the balance paid by the weekend before your wedding that's fine. You can pay it as a lump sum or I'm more than happy for you to set up a direct debit and chip away at your total, monthly. 

What do we get for our money?

This depends on the package you go for, please read the details and just ask if you're still not clear.

We'd like more than 10 hours coverage for the day.

That's fine, I'm more than happy to stay longer for the fireworks or something else you may be planning. I ask for £100 per hour after the 10 hours, I hope that's OK.

We'd like two photographers, can you offer that?

Generally, I'm a one-woman band, but if you and your other half are getting ready miles apart or you feel you'd like two photographers to capture every aspect of your day that's fine, I know a string of fabulous photographers I can ask to accompany me for the day to help capture those things for you both. This does cost an additional £250. 

When will we get our photos?

Good question! I usually take a few days to get you a facebook preview together (if you'd like one) and then the full album is generally ready within a couple of weeks, this can vary though depending on how busy I am at the time, I hope you understand. Anything concrete, i.e. your box of treats, may take up top 4 weeks. ;) Albums take 4 weeks to be handmade and put together after you have proofread the visual example that I will send you. 

If I haven't covered you question, then get in touch and ask...