I want to say THANK  YOU for everything you've done, 

Do you want to know more?


What a year 2020 has turned out to be, the dawn of a new decade and a new super virus, (We weren't expecting that one!) but who has been there battling to keep us all safe? Yes you people, you Doctors, Nurses and care givers, thank you so much, it's without a doubt, fair to say, that if you fit one of these criteria then you'll have touched most peoples' lives over 2020 in some way, be it in person or because you've looked after a loved one for us.


Thank you. 

I really wanted to help during all of this, I feel/felt a little helpless to tell you the truth; but after thinking about it, I decided I could help after it all blew over by giving back to you people that stood up to this virus on everyone's behalf. That's why I've decide to offer you all 15% off certain family sessions and wedding packages from now until December 2022. To find out which ones, just hop over to my prices and see which it applies to. 

Who Qualifies? 

  • Anyone who works for the NHS

  • Carers of the elderly

  • Carers of vulnerable beings

What I need from you...
To claim you discount I will require you to produce your ID badge that you wear for work at the time of booking.

Terms and Conditions
Booking must be made and taken before the end of December 2022, any bookings will require a retainer payment, which will be non-refundable, if the booking for whatever reason is not fulfilled before 31.12.22 them it may be used as credit towards whatever service you desire.