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Family Portraits

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Photos shouldn't be limited to scenery and people, to some of us our animals and pets are as good as family or children. Now that's got to be a reason to take their portrait! Our animals touch our hearts in their time with us, they can be our greatest companions through good and bad, they are loyal and generally incredibly eager to see us. 

They are fun but sometimes tricky to work with so I find the easiest way to get them to 'play ball' so we can get that perfect shot is to be out and about in the open. I love to accompany my furry clients on a walk, where they are happiest. I'll get shots of them engaging with their people, shots of them playing and then some portraits too. These sessions are relaxed and best done where the animals are calm and comfortable so I'm happy to come to you or meet you where you enjoy walking. 

Please note though, if you are unable to get your pet to sit or stay for their portraits to be taken, the possibilities of getting the 'posed' portraits will be limited. I love animals and being brought up on a farm, have been surrounded by them my entire life. I'm a photographer remember not an animal trainer, I'll be relying on you to play with them and help me get them into position for their photos.