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  • Fiona Bielby

A great big THANK YOU!

And so a door was opened, opened for me by my wonderful husband, who bought me my new baby, my up-to-date full-framed, digital camera.

I’ve always loved photography and constantly snap my own children and family, as it grew and as they grow up-there’s nothing better than getting some old photos out-it amuses me for hours.

But really this post is to thank all of you lovey people too. You guys out there, who have simply liked my page and shared my posts. You don’t know what your support means; so thank you.

Not forgetting them who have let me capture their moment, this is what I love doing the most :) They’re only a tiny particle of your story, but you’ve let me encase them for you and they’re now there for you forever. A moment in time, a look, a laugh, a motion be it in a family session, a wedding or a moment so precious as a new baby entering into a family, words can’t describe how privileged I feel when I get chance to take these. So thank you all too, you make me smile.

I’ve spent many contented hours scrolling through these shots editing them and now I have put together some of my favourites to share. It’s been so hard, there’ so many to choose from, that I love equally but decisions sometimes just need to be made.

I hope you enjoy.

I can’t believe where this year has lead me, I’m excited to enter 2017 to see what unfolds before me. I’m looking forwards to my weddings and family sessions that are already booked and waiting, I can’t wait to work with you all.

I’ know this is premature, but this week is busy, busy full of friends and family. All the best to you all for 2017! And again I thank you for your support! :) :) xx

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