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A Happy, Homemade, Town Hall Wedding

A wedding day jammed full-to-the-brim in every way imaginable, so much love was

poured into the preparations, each decoration had been thoughtfully crafted and picked out by both Victoria and Henry, with no corner or table left bare. Form what I can gather, the day before their wedding had been a busy one for them. It was clear how much so, by how well it all worked and went together.

The day started, as a harpist played gracefully from under the Willow tree while Victoria approached, beaming, with a parent on each arm, along the candlelit, lantern pathway to meet Henry. Here a Pagan inspired ceremony took place in the shade and of the tree, after saying their vows they preformed a hand fasting tradition, where both sets of parents arose, wrapping the bride and grooms hands thoughtfully in ribbons. This was followed by a blessing where they each drank mead from Bovid’s horns, making great footage for some funky photos.

Harpist, Phoebe King,

True to form they’d opted out of the traditional canapés, going for ice-cream, sprinkles and sticky, sweet sauces, which the guests (especially the smaller one) relished and enjoyed whilst they mingled and chatted in the beautiful gardens of the hall.

They didn’t stop there with their unique and wonderful wedding alternatives and neither did Henry’s best men, when it came to the speeches they pulled it out the hat announcing, “we’re not good at speaking in front of lots of people, so we decided to write a song!” It was fantastic, so much talent as they sang the story of Victoria and Henry’s lives together so far, so full of thought and humour it moved many as well as causing tears of laughter. As every gathered themselves back together it was time for something to eat, but as you guessed it, not a sit down meal, a buffet or BBQ, but…afternoon tea! What a touch, it looked superb, served on vintage tiered cake stands to each and every table.

Afternoon tea, wedding food, alternative food, delicious

Finally it was time for the entertainment to start, kicking the evening off with garden games and quizzes everyone had a ball and as if that wasn’t enough the groom played live with his band mates as the dance floor was filled with guest ready and eager to dance the evening away. What a ball!

It was a honour to capture the story of your day Mrs and Mrs Bird xx

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