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And here's to 2017

Here’s to 2017, a year to remember, a year full of love, family and some new experiences!

What can I say? I’ve been on fire, literally! (Some of you will know more about this than others :) )

I’ve witnessed some wonderful couples declare their love and tie-the-knot, in some truly wonderful places and I’ve snapped couples who have just committed to one another, having said…I will! I’ve heard how he and she have met, where they got engaged and the tale of plans for their future day, before watching them unfold.

I’ve watched new families in their first few days together; captured families that are fully formed throughout their generations and I’ve been given the opportunity the freeze this in time. I’ve even framed families before they’re here and captured the 4 legged extensions of them too and whilst doing so, I’ve made friends and got to know people from all walks of life.

As if this isn’t good enough, I’ve been contacted with different opportunities from product photography to architect portfolios and holiday cottage advertising, giving life a really rich flavour. I’ve managed to drop a day at my day job to concentrate on my business and have already some exciting dates in my diary to look forwards to for 2018.

I’d like to thank everyone who has chosen to use my services and who have walked through my life this year, you’ve all been an absolute pleasure to work with, some of you I know I will see again soon under extremely exciting circumstances and I’m as enthusiastic as you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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