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  • Fiona Bielby (Anoif Photography)

A Country Chic Wedding

The last photo of the day, what a fantastic couple.

Nadia and Ross’ main aim for their day was to keep things relaxed and simple, to avoid it taking over their lives and with two kiddiewinks already, they had enough to contend with. Or this is what Nadia told me anyway; however, with just six weeks to go she bravely changed her mind on the dress and the venue. Nevertheless Nadia sticks by her decision saying, “go with your gut, it was the best decision we made.”

The Brides Side of the family.
The Bridal party all together.

Their new location for the celebrations turned out to be Ross’ home cricket grounds, which is perfectly surrounded by cow fields. They hired a marquee, arrange for a hog roast and pizza oven for food and then Nadia turned to the décor. She took a look on Pintrest, thought about what her friends had done at previous weddings they attended and her inspiration was born. She decided, rustic country, so she fashioned an entrance gallows out of some wood from their garden and building store, they borrowed plants from the garden and bought a few new ones too to decorate the marquee, these are now in their garden to remember their day by. Clever!

They’d already planned to have a church service at Brompton-by-Sawdon, the village where Ross’ parents live and where he also plays cricket, the church was stunning with wooden parquet flooring and a candle arbor that held around 60-lit candles. It looked magnificent. They had a traditional service lead by the local vicar which was somewhat enhanced by their daughter, who decided she wanted to be with Mummy and Daddy during their vows. She held her finger up her dad’s nose as he said I do, for some moral support, like you do. This was the funniest thing ever and of course we got the obligatory photo of the event. Nadia has told me since that this is one of her best memories of the day.

Waiting for him wife to be.

Church decorations.
Mother of the bride.
Their son and the groom's sister as bridesmaid.

Just checking there's no reason they can not be wed!!

The candle arbore
The love in her eyes.
Part of the blessing
Raw emotion!
Just before the exchange of rings.
Excuse me Mr.
I'll help you get the words right Dad :)

Just aww...

Mr & Mrs Triffitt.
Confetti time, yeah!!
More confetti!

After the service Nadia, Ross and their youngsters walked to the cricket ground through the stunning village and past Ross’ favourite pork pie shop, Glades. There happened to be the more idyllic little bridge with a stunning willow behind, which made the most flawless place to get a few portraits before we got the venue.

I just love them both, a perfect couple.
Walking to the celebrations, a lovely little family.

When arriving at the cricket grounds they enjoyed creamed scones and Prosecco whilst they listened to the speeches, this was hilariously backed up with a slideshow or two of old photos it was clear there were a lot of memories already in the congregation. This made a wonderful addition to the afternoon.

Them flower are just stunning.
The marquee as everyone marches in.

After this both the boys and the girls rocked their style in the neighbouring stubble fields. Nadia’s exquisite Claire Pettibone dress from Bridal Reloved in Beverley was centre stage with it’s truly unique and ornate back details. Her girls also looked fabulous in their self-chosen dresses. Nadia’s only instruction here was to go with a pink or purple colour scheme and get what they felt comfortable in, the best brief ever and as one her maids was pretty heavily pregnant, it probably helped them all in the long run. Their country styled, autumn coloured bouquets they carried, were made with flowers that Nadia’s aunt had picked herself, from a local grower, Binnington blooms. She then wrapped and arranged them with the help of Ross’ mother, they looked impeccable against the rustic chic backdrop Nadia had created.

The whole of the brides tribe.
Them flower, wrapped by precious people in their lives.

What a view!
Rocking it!!

The boys wore matching brown chinos and white shirts, with the addition of coordinating, Yorkshire Tweed braces and bow ties, they looked brilliant. Ross wore a waistcoat to distinguish him as the groom; however, this was the only difference.

Sun in their eyes :)

Selfie time!

The groomsmen.

What a stunning pair.

Credits too:

Photography: Anoif Photography

Perfume: Gucci Rush

Shoes: Debenhams

Hair: Bride did her own

Make up: Brides friend

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