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ABI & ROB | Blush-pink, Country, Marquee Wedding Celebrations at Snowhill Farm, Silsden.

Both Abi and Rob come from farming backgrounds; recently they renovated and moved to the Rob’s family farm, making it their home too. They both love the great outdoors and spending time wrapped up within their surroundings.

the bride and groom are walking hand in hand out of the woodland area near silsden, the groom is wearing a navy blue suit and the bride is in a blush pink wedding dress

That’s why when it came to planning their celebrations for their wedding, there was no other place for it. Snowhill Farm near Silsden, was the perfect place for their day. When I arrived I could see exactly why they decided this. Snowhill Farm is set at the brow of a hill in the Yorkshire Dales with limitless, panoramic views spanning for miles, in every direction. It was here they positioned a marquee for their celebrations, in the middle of it all, the perfect place.

the entrance to snowhill farm at silsden, the farm name is engraved in to a dry stone wall at the side of the road,

They named their names after different woodland trees and kept the theme going by inserting each place name into a small piece of rustic branch which looked like and mini, tree stump. They even put their cake pride of place on a wooden base which Rob had cleverly transformed from one of the fallen trees out of their own woodland area.

They told me how there'd been quite a few trees that had fallen during the storms at the end of 2021. It was a thoughtful addition indeed.

I told you the view was spectacular! What luck too, they didn't get any rain but they did get this incredible rainbow for all their guests to look over.

Sadly, they'd had two close family members pass recently, Abi's Grandmother and Great Aunt, so I'd like to think this is them watching over everyone, making sure they all had a lovely day.

Being a pretty chilled out couple, all they wanted was for everything to run smoothly and for everyone to enjoy a scrumptious feast, choosing he Hog and Apple as their caterers was a good move! They put on the most delicious BBQ styled feast for everyone to dig in and enjoy, followed by an Eton Mess with a modern twist...

I don't think I've ever eaten such delicious potatoes! It was a warm crushed new post salad, with lastings of salted butted and tangy chives, yum, yum!

You may have noticed I’m calling this their wedding celebrations instead fo their wedding day, this is because Abi and Rob actually got married 10th July 2020, in the height of the pandemic, with just their parents to witness. They didn’t want their day to go by unmarked and had always planned to host a party for everyone to join in a celebrate with them, it went over swimmingly, take a look here...

I love capturing days like Abi and Rob's so if you are planning something similar, I'd love to hear all about it!

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