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ADELE & JORDAN | Whimsical, woodland wedding with live-music and a good hog roast at Camp Katur.

Updated: May 20, 2022

Music, food, a party and most of all, quality time with all the people they LOVE, this is what Adele and Jordan wanted for their day. After choosing Camp Katur, because Jordan really liked the idea of a woodland wedding and the fact there was accommodation on site too. They wanted the wedding to be an opportunity to get everyone together for not just one day but over a few, being a sociable pair.

Jordan described his wife to me as being selfless, along with saying she’s always organised and likes to makes sure things are fun for all, young and old. This is why she decided to have ‘something blues’ by her side instead of bridesmaids. She didn’t want her closest friends and her three sisters to feel any pressure or to be under the duress of organising their hen do and parts of her day, so by asking them to be there on the day as a ‘something blue’ instead of a bridesmaid meant they could be involved as much or little as they liked.

The bride with her Mum and her bridesmaids, they are all bunching as close together as possible in pale blue dresses.

When I met these two a few weeks before their wedding, they told me they’d mentioned to people that they should all bring umbrellas just incase to weather wasn’t on their side. The day before was pretty cold and really windy; yet on the morning of their wedding, the sun came out and stayed out, people even got sunburn. There wasn’t a breeze in the air and all you could hear in the depth of the woods was bird song and the crunch of the bark underfoot as they exchanged vows. The silence was willingly broken by the acoustic duo who entertained the guests as they filled out the paper work and then the were cheered up the tree-lined aisle, whilst being showered in confetti by their very excited guests.

Because Adele loves to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves, the couple had planned loads of different garden games for all ages, there was volley ball, (which the little ones turned into foot-tennis) giant-Jenga and some fair games, that consisted in throwing bean-bags through holes and rings around pegs. A great time was had by all playing with them, whilst the rest enjoyed the nibbles and drinks in the sunshine as the gentle hum of acoustic music drifted across the meadow setting.

They wanted to keep things simple with the food, planning for a hog roast seemed the easiest thing for them and on the Monday before their wedding, their caterers dropped out!! I’m not joking, no!

Luckily, Dom’s Kitchen, from Malton, came to the rescue. Their food was delicious, the tender hog roast was served with apple sauce, crackling and scrummy, pork stuffing which was accompanied with new potatoes, slaw and a mozzarella pasta.


Is all I have to say, I can vouch for this as they kindly fed us too.

Following the food, was a lot of fun! Matt and Robbie from Inner Vibe were joined by another two band members and after the first dance they played their first set of tunes. I love it when the music starts and the dance floor is full, it gives me plenty of chance to capture the moves, which makes the perfect ending to your wedding day gallery!


"Focus on yourself and don't try too hard please other people, it's your day!

Their dog in the middle, the bride and groom are both smiling at the camera.

Stick to deadlines, and always have a spreadsheet. Communication is key, we have found poor communication with suppliers and it's been really hard. The planning process is easier if you surround yourself with those who are helpful, understanding and only want the best for you."

Lots of useful and wise words from Adelle and Jordan here, thanks for sharing, I can imagine a break down in communication between them and the supplier was very stressful, luckily they ended up with a great team and their day was a triumph.

The sun is shining from behind the bride and groom through the tall trees, it's gently backlighting their faces.


Photography: Anoif Photography | Hair: Anna Green Bridal | MUA: One of Adele's friends, Zoe Travis | Flowers: The Florist North Yorkshire, Beth Dixon | Dress: Nori Ivy by Dotty Bridal | Suites: Ted Baker, hired from Moss Bros | Caterers: Dom's Kitchen | Cake: Another of Adelle's Friends, Zoe Krzeminski | Music: Inner Vibe | Venue: Camp Katur | Wedding Coordinator: Jen, The Memory Box Ceremonies

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