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  • Fiona Bielby (Anoif Photography)

Becoming Mr & Mrs Ballard

Becky and Andy met at a new years eve party in 2014, which Andy's brother was hosting. Andy arrived on the cold winters evening wearing 'crazy' socks and shorts, which clearly drew Becky straight to him that night, Becky being Becky couldn't resist making a smart remark about the socks. And Andy being Andy couldn't help but retort with and equally smart remark, in a extremely Yorkshire accent, "you should see my pants love," nevertheless, it clearly did the trick. A chat up line and a half! Obviously it would make the speeches 4 years later....

Shot through their champagne flutes as they walked away.

I however, met Becky and Andy whilst photographing their friends' wedding (here they are having little boogie) and when they saw the photos I was extremely pleased to hear, they like them so much that they would decide to book me to shoot their wedding too.

Guests dancing at a wedding

From the beginning Becky and Andy were passionate about their day, Becky had been to a lot of weddings and was determined that theirs would be different, together they thought about: details, family heritage and ways the wow and entertain their guest to make it a day to remember.

From the accessories to the table decorations they had it covered, with Becky's sister Jen personally designing and handcrafting her own maid-of-honour dress and the flower girl's along with Becky's hair accessory and the Groomsmens' paper-flower button holes and pocket handkerchief. Luckily for Becky her sister is already a professional working in the costume industry, so everything she did was stunning and made to exceptional standards! Becky's bouquet contained the most stunning deep-red Peony flowers, to match the bridal party's dresses , and the most delicate Nigella flowers were sprinkled through it: Her mother-in-law is called Nigella, a lovely way to honour her name. Becky also deigned the table runners to each have the star constellations hand embroidered (by Jen again) on each of them because Andy taught and showed her each one as they relaxed under the stars when they meet-so romantic!

Pocket watch gifted to Andy by his parental Grandfather.

For Andy the day started on a real high as Becky had a few surprises in store for him: He thought he was driving himself to the venue, but no, a stunning 1966 cherry red Ford Mustang turned up to collect him. I'd have loved to have seen his face because his face as he got out of the car was beaming as he greeted his mum and in-laws to be. As if that wasn't enough, Becky knows how much into biking Andy is, so she had arrange for 2 of them to send prerecorded messages to her, which she sent to him the morning of the wedding, wishing them the best of luck in their new venture.

They got married outside, at the Morrit Hotel at Geta Bridge, overlooking a grass meadow which was simply stunning and one of the reasons that they chose to tie-the-knot here. To make this even more perfect, Becky was 'piped' in to the ceremony by a fellow bagpiper, you guested it, because she has Scottish heritage in her family background. The after the ceremony they enjoyed bubbly in the garden, each garnished with a Hibiscus flower.


"Hearing Andy say the personal vows he had written for me."


"Walking back down the aisle as husband and wife, past all of our friends and family to the Start Wars title music."


Following the meal, the speeches kicked off, they were absolutely hilarious as you can imagine! The Groom and the Best man did everyone proud, reminiscing the good old days and the meeting of Andy and his wonderful wife Becky.

Later on they cut the cake, made entirely of cheese and then they kicked off the evening with their choreographed first dance to Rod Steward, Have I told you lately. With Becky previously teaching Salsa, it was bound to be amazing and it was, again she had covered every detail going to the trouble of custom designing and decorating a pair of shoes for the occasion. Then following already a load of fun energetic dancing, the pair prepared for their (or Andy's) biggest surprise of the day-they were both so excited about this part of the day!

Northumberland Cheeses & Cassette, Corsica

So at around 9.30pm Andy picked up his beautiful, Les Paul guitar, that Becky has bought him for their engagement and he rocked it with the band (The Crazy Knights Party Band) to The Summer Of 69. I knew Andy was pretty nervous about this, so I had no idea what he'd be like, but WOW!

I learnt something about Andy that night too: he'd been in the school band and it just so happened that some of his closest friends had once been his biggest fans once up on a time at school. They loved it! They were on their knees going wild, Andy's face! I have never seen a Bride look so admiringly and proudly at their newly wed hubby, I'm not sure words do it justice. I feel so lucky to have had the chance to photograph their wedding and I really hope I can spread the joy and let more people see just how fabulous their day was.


Make up artist: Lauren Jane MUA

Lashes: Amanda Patterson

Hair stylist: Emily Nealon, Jem Hair Design

The Dress: Harlem, by Q'nique Bridal, Accent Original Bridal Wear.

The Suits: Moss Bros

Florist: Denise Marmont, Muscari Floristry

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