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BETHANY AND ROB | King and Queen of Sneaton Castle for the day.

After realising Rob wasn’t a serial killer, due to their shared mutual friends, they arranged their first date and Bethany says, “If you ask Rob, he’ll tell you that I pretty much moved myself in to his flat the following month.” That was back in 2015.

The pair got engaged back in 2020 whilst walking along the South Pier in Whitby, not long after they’d discovered they were expecting little Teddy, who was born last October. When it came to planning their wedding there was one thing that was really easy for them to decide up on and that was choosing their venue.

They’d recently discovered that Sneaton Castle had been bought by a local family and that they’d turned it in to a gorgeous wedding venue, with Rob’s family having worked here during his childhood he’d spent many the hour running around within the grounds with his other siblings. Rob has fond childhood memories at Sneaton Castle and was even Christened there in the chapel. From the first time they heard about the exciting recreation of the Castle, they knew it was the only option for them both.

The front entrance of Sneaton Castle, with turrets and all.

The chapel at Sneaton Castle with it's impressive domed ceiling, which is painted by a local artist.

A closer angle of the entrance at Sneaton Castle, it says, "Welcome to the Castle.' on the window.

The seat in the chapel have a white bow on them at Sneaton Castle

A name tag for the guest, written on a luggage ticket.

The arched windows in the chapel next to the seating area at Sneaton Castle.

The entrance to Sneaton Castle.

The bride and Groom are embracing and kissing at the back of Sneaton Castle

They didn’t want a lot of fuss as neither of them like being in the lime-light and centre of attention, so they kept things small and low key. Each of them had two VIPs to support them through their day and they’d decided against having a night do too. They simply got married in the chapel on site, had canapés and drinks in the garden and rounded it off with afternoon tea and speeches later. Rob really wanted a first dance and to do the traditional cutting of the cake, so after the speeches at 3pm in the afternoon, they did just this.

The bride and groom are cutting their wedding cake.

A close up shot of the couples hands as they cut their cake, m you can see their wedding rings.

The couple are having the first dance and their guests are watching.

The grooms hand are wrapped around the  brides waist as they do their first dance.

The bride and groom hug and dance and the guests watch on.

The groom is lifting his soon above his head and the bride is smiling up at him.

The brides aunt is clapping her hands to the first dance song

It’s so refreshing to see people doing things just as they want to. Everyone had a great day and Bethany and Rob enjoyed their evening in a little holiday cottage in Whitby. They couple styled their wedding day beautifully, yet Bethany let her two bridesmaids choose their own dresses, the only specification was they were to be blue. They looked great in their dresses and best thing is, they bought exactly what they liked and in their colour and style so will 100% wear them again.

Not only is this great for the girls, it's so much better for our planet too! Well done Bethany for thinking outside the box and being a green bride. 🥰

WORDS OF ADVICE FROM THE BRIDE AND GROOM: Find a venue that has as much included as possible, so there is no faffing about with different vendors. Also DIY may seem fun to start with but can soon end up pricier than just paying for something ready made.

Th couple are stood in the chapel, they are resting their foreheads together and to form a beautiful silhouette.

Credits to suppliers: Venue: Sneaton Castle | Photography: Anoif Photography | Hair and Make up: A friend | Dress: Monsoon | Shoes: | Flowers: Hearts and Flowers | Food: Sneaton Castle | Cake: The Cake Ole

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