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Covid Weddings, are they for us or not?

Updated: Mar 1, 2021

Although Monday's announcement from our Boris was a welcome one for the wedding industry, as he outlined our road map out of the 2020-2021 pandemic, there's still time for lots of "Covid Wedding" too...

You can really get creative.
When this is the whole wedding party, you ca really get creative.

So why would we want a Covid Wedding? I hear you say, well there's many the reason why some couples may opt to get married during the Covid restrictions: -You might not want the massive wedding party, this way you don't need to have those awkward conversations.

-Maybe you would struggle to afford your "ideal" wedding with 100s of guests

-Loads of venues and suppliers are offering great deals at the moment

-You will get time to actually talk to your guests properly

-Things are ironically, often a little more relaxed

-Getting the perfects photos isn't as much of a whirlwind

-You're documenting a bit of time for history

I could go on...but why don't we hear it from some really life couples.

Kelly and Steven, stood overlooking the views from Burythorpe House.

Kelly planned her wedding in a matter of weeks with the help of her husband Steven and Alison- wedding coordinator at Burythorpe House, near Malton. They'd spotted an amazing deal that the venue were offering for small, covid weddings. I believe they got their room for them and their guests, a 3 course meal and a toasting drink too. The deal was fantastic value and very clever of the venue too, last year was really tough for them, they had staff to pay and the building to maintain on top of that, so at the end of the day a small, wedding is better than none at all.

Just before Dad came to pick her up.

Father see's his daughter for the first time in her wedding dress.

A moment together before he walks her down the aisle.

Walking her down the aisle to her groom.

Kelly's son acts as the ring bearer, a proud moment for everyone.

The exchange of rings

The couple look so happy as the sign the marriage register

The bride showing off her ring.

The couple share a walk together in the gardens at Burrythorpe House

Their children shower them in confetti

The cake, made by the Brides friend

The dinning room at Burythrope House

A fun portrait, just as I left.

Kelly said, "I wouldn't of had it any other way, I was very pleased I chose to have my wedding when I did... It was perfect, personal and the best day ever... the photos were fabulous the venue was amazing, loved it!!!!"


Rachel and Karl, in the grounds of The Talbot Hotel, Malton

This couple got in touch with me mid August, for their September wedding, they just wanted to get married and decided to just go for it despite C-19. Originally, they were planning for 30, then they had to cut it to 15 with just days to go, but they still had a great time, ate amazing food and enjoyed each others company.

Dad delivering his daughter to her groom.

All smiles, during the ceremony at Malton RO

Exiting Malton Registry Office

A beautiful bouquet made by Gemma at The Topiary Tree

Even the rain didn't dampen their spirits, on the day.

The braved a stroll around the grounds of The Talbot in Malton

The Bride delivering her poem, she'd written about Karl.

Toasting their day.

The table at The Talbot looked incredible.

Rachel & Karl said, "Our wedding was lovely and intimate, everyone got to chat to everyone, which wouldn't have happened to same extent if it was bigger. Organising the wedding was also easy and no stress. We had a fab day and so did our families, it just felt like a big feast in the evening. All of our suppliers from the cake maker to the venue went above and beyond. It also wasn't too bad being the centre of attention when there was only 13 other people."


We stopped at the entrance to Birdsall House to get photos of Hannah and George on the tree, lined drive, before we got to the house. Something we could do because time was on our side.

Hannah and George had been planning their wedding for a good 18 months, they suffered a venue closing down on them and then around 3 weeks before their wedding Boris locked us down, so they dragged everything forwards and got married on a Wednesday because they were just desperate to be Mr and Mrs!

Bride checking our her makeup

Mother of the Bride preparing the dress.

A proud Dad getting ready to take Hannah to the church.

Arriving at the church, delivered safely by Howard.

A sneaky kiss as Hannah sees George for the first time that day.

The first kiss as Mr and Mrs

Exiting St Peters Church in Norton.

The wind in the veil

Another photo we got as we arrived at the driveway to Birdsal House

Fun shots, with the whole wedding party as they unexpectedly threw confetti over Hannah and George.

A glass of fizz on arrival

After they's chatted for a while we headed out to the folly in the grounds of Birdsal House

The table setup in the ballroom.

Dad delivering his hilarious speech.

The full wedding party all seated around one table.
Being sat around one table, let them all enjoy each others company; they played games, sang, laughed and cried around it. What great memories for them all to share.

A silhouette of the couple.

Hannah's brother played the piano for everyone during courses and in-between speeches.

A sing-song for old-times sake.

The first dance was extremely emotional.

Even with the added pressures this is what Hannah said, "With the uncertainty of weddings during the pandemic, with the worries about guest numbers, it was incredibly hard to feel excited for the whole run up. But what it did teach my husband and I, is that the main thing for us was to get married to each other and start our married life. The intimate wedding that we were lucky enough to have made us realise how lucky we are to have each other and our family and friends. If you’re disheartened by the potential of not having a big, white wedding that you’ve always dreamt of- don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You might just find that you fall in love with having a small and intimate wedding!"


Sophie and Morgan never stopped smiling, here they are enjoying a walk on Burythrope House's lawns.

Sophie and Morgan had been planning their wedding for around a year too, we met the week before lockdown was announced, so I saw their plans for 60 guests go down to the 15 they were allowed, by the time their day came around. Sophie planned for the guests to colour patches of fabric so she could stitch them all together at a later date to remember their day, their guests found this really therapeutic, they also hosted a pub quiz and their best man had created a video show which included lots of messages from their guests who couldn't be there.

Sophie's mum sorted the boys' button holes out.

Doing up the dress

A moment of emotion, as the father of the bride put her veil over her face.

During the service, in Burythorpe House

Sophie was very happy to be Mrs Davies

Sprinkling the couple with confetti

The entire wedding party outside in October, how lucky were they with the weather

The fabric squares

Speeches, every bit as good as usual

These two ended up with the perfect sunset.

Sophie's wise words, "To anyone wondering, is it really worth getting married in a pandemic? I would say the answer is most definitely YES! A wedding should really be about celebrating the love you share with the person who you want to share the rest of your life with. Favours and seating plans and the perfect wedding playlist don't really matter in the end. I LOVE being married, and am so glad that we didn't wait to start this next chapter of out lives together! ...that and there's absolutely no reason why I can't have my full on princess bride fantasy day as an anniversary party instead!!"


They didn't let anything spoil their day!

Tina and Clairwyn decided to get married in the heigh of the pandemic, they contacted my in the July, their wedding was at The Star Inn, Harome. It was important to them, to really treat the guests that they were able to invite, so they went all out with fancy nibble and the best champagne, something that would have been extremely costly with lots of guests. They turned everything on it's head too and the fizz and canapés before the ceremony so they could enjoy the September sunshine.

September, sun shinning over their guests as they enjoy seeing each other for the first time in months.

I told you the canapés looked good!

This is Clairwyn's 2nd favourite thing, so they had to have photos with the VW camper

Saying the vows to each other

These masks aren't all that bad


The new accommodation at The Star Inn made a great backdrop

Natural photos, my favourite all the way

Tina and Clairwyn said this about their day, "Some of our guests said they had never been to such an intimate Wedding, they felt so a part of it, not just a guest.

It was as if everyone involved with our day also felt as lucky & fortunate as we did, everyone was a part of it, almost as grateful as we were that somehow... our wedding happened, and it was even more special that we could ever have hoped for.

If we’ve learnt one thing from this past year, it was to not put things off.. don’t take tomorrow for granted.

So many positive’s, we had chosen the perfect venue for us, with the utmost commitment, professionalism and warmth that against all the odds ensured we had such a magical day. We will be for ever grateful to everyone involved, without their enthusiasm, vision & care we may never have had such an amazing day."


Monk Bar in York, just down the road from the church.

Becky and Iain chose to get married at St Lawrence's Church in York with this being their local parish and them both being heavily involved with it all. York has a special place in both of their hearts, it's where they met, where they're living and now where they became Mr and Mrs Milne. They wanted to show this in their photos, so with them only having 30 guests for their day, it gave them time to nip off with me, for some photos in the city itself, whilst their guests got started on their afternoon tea. When we returned they enjoyed mingling with everyone from a distance in the sunshine, before we got some photos of them with their family in the stunning churchyard.

Preparing the bride

St Lawrence's Church in York centre.

A proud Dad

Church decor

Iain waiting patiently for his bride to be.

A church service

Now mr and Mrs Milne

Some socially distanced well wishes.

A walk in York Walls

The church you can see is St Lawrence's in the distance.

Afternoon tea, a picnic to remember

The food itself, it was delicious

Just one of the setting itself.


Hannah, Tony and their daughter in York House, Malton

Hannah and Tony were given the go ahead by Malton Registry Office with only a few days to go, they'd enquired to see if there were any 2020 date left just out of interest. Then with 9 days to they got a date. Hannah cracked on and sorted her dress from The Little Pearl, Bridal Boutique in Pickering; luckily, it fitted perfectly. She got ready in her office above Willow Green, Estate Agents, Malton, because this is who she works for, then with the ceremony being booked for 5pm we planned to do getting ready shots and then a few before. Unfortunately, it rain all day, but we had a backup plan and used York House, kindly donated to us for an hour so we could get some beautiful shots of their family of 3.

tony nearly spotted Hannah before he was allowed to see her.

Aria getting a cheeky look at her Dad getting ready.

Waiting for Aria to take her down to York House, for Hannah's entrance

Father and Daughter walking to the get some photos

In York House, we had a unexpected visitor

The couple together

There were so many pretty places to get photos

Family fun

Looking over the streets of Malton

Aria showering her Mum and Dad with confetti.

Hannah's wise words, "I’m beyond glad we got married when we did, in fact I’d go as far to say as it really could’ve been that simple all along and we could’ve done it way sooner. No overthinking things, no worrying about seating plans and budgets it was so easy and zero stress. We’ve been engaged ten years and always put off the big wedding because we knew the cost would be crazy having large families on both sides. It came down to just us and really that’s all that matters. I’ve the most amazing photos from Fiona which I will cherish forever, they tell the gorgeous story of our day and capture the intimacy we have as a family."


Last year I captured 8 weddings during the later end of the pandemic, two where there were 30 guests, five with a wedding party of 15 and one where it was literally just the couple, their little girl and their 2 witnesses. So what's the best part of capturing a wedding usually? For me it's the build up, the smiles, the emotions during the ceremony and then getting to see the couple with their loved ones afterwards, seeing everyone congratulate them and wishing them well. During a "Covid Wedding" this still happens. A lot of the time, the couples seem to have gone above and beyond, not only have they planned the most perfectly put together day, they've planned extra entertainment and fun so that their guests don't get board. It's like to couples have become so aware of a "lul" in their day that many people worry about. So during these weddings we've had fun with the guests during photos and then I've taken the bride and groom intermittently for theirs, so they were never away for long at any one time. We've had: singing and piano playing with the guests; guess the movie; pub quizzes; colouring patches of fabric to make a patchwork quilt with afterwards; there's been messages from guests who couldn't be there; canapés and champagne before the I do's and afternoon tea in the church yard grounds. You know it's been an absolute ball watching the plans come together as they did. If you think it could be for you don't forget about your photos, they are so, so important as I hope you cam see from what I've shown you above. I'll be offering an hourly rate up until the 21st June 2021 please see details below:

Covid Wedding Prices

1 hour £250

2 hours £450

3 hours £ 600

To find out more, please give me a call or an email

01563 695567 | 0777 0938295

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