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EMILY & ROB | A Howsham Hall Wedding with Sunflowers in spring and whole lot of love and laughter.

These two have never done anything by halves; from the day they met at Uni over 10 years ago to Rob's Cambodian, beach proposal, where he asked his in-laws to be to travel half way around the world with the ring for the job.

When Covid hit all that time ago, Emily and Rob decided to postpone their wedding like a many; however, with all the uncertainty of how long restrictions would continue to remain in place and their dreams of a big wedding where they could celebrate with everyone they made the decision to delay their day a little longer and just get on with life. Needless to say, they had an extra guest at their wedding in the form of Theo, their son who waited with Dad for his Mum to arrive on the day of their wedding. Theo was a perfect little man, sleeping at all the right times and waking for the best moments, he didn't miss thing.

Groomsmen stood chatting by the window.

The groom is smiling at his best man, whilst waiting of his bride.

Perking in the buggy the groom is waiting for his bride.

The bride and her dad are walking down the stairs beaming with happiness.

Groomsmen are waiting at the front of the ceremony room at Howsham Hall.

Groom is holding his son waiting to get married.

Bride is blurred in the background and groom is waiting at the front.

Holding a sunflower bouquet the bride is smiling at her groom as she walks with her dad.

The groom's first look at his bride.

Mother of the bride is holding hands with other guests looking emotional.

Mother of the bride is reading her poem that she's written to the couple.

Everyone is listening to the poem, the bride and groom are stood holding hands.

Close up photo of the couple holding hand.

Lowe perspective angle of the bride and groom saying their vows.

The couple say their vows in the ceremony room.

The bride and groom's son is laughing at his grandparents.

Signing the marriage register with their son helping.

The couple celebrate that they are now married.

A tender moment the bride and groom put their heads close as a sign of affection.

Right from the beginning, Emily and Rob told me how they wanted a relaxed day where they could enjoy spending time with their favourite people. The wanted live, acoustic music during the day and a proper band at the night. They chose a venue that encompassed pretty much everything they needed for the day and they did this to save the worry and stress of having to organise so many different suppliers. Emily and Rob told me, Howsham Hall coordinated the day so they didn't need to worry and they agreed the extra cost was definitely worth it so they could just enjoy themselves.

The guests are lined up waiting to through confetti outside of Howsham Hall.

Confetti is thrown over the bride and groom as they walk between the guests.

The bride is smiling at the guest as they throw confetti, the groom is laughing.

Mingling with the guests the bridesmaids are smiling fondly.

The bride cuddles a guest.

The guests are chatting with the  bride.

Wind catches the brides veil and blows it on to a guest.

Family are mingling with each other inside of the venue.

Some guests are smiling at the camera, the sun is cascading through the window on to them.

Mother of the bride is chatting to guests inside of Howsham Hall

The couple are announced in to the wedding breakfast.

The groom is leading the bride through the tables of guests.

Father of the bride during his speech.

Applauding the father of the brides speech.

The grooms grandmother watches lovingly as he does his speech.

Two children at the wedding are giggling at the speeches.

The bride is laughing at her husbands speech.

Mr and Mrs are looking loving at each other.

Chatting at the tables the guests are enjoying the day.

Close up of the yellow roses on the wedding cake.

The couple are smiling a the speeches.

Bride is laughing at her sister-in-law reading her speech.

People having fun and laughing  at the speeches.

The batsmen reading the speech.

One of the batsmen is pointing at the guests during their speech.

Toasting the couple everyone raises a glass.

The groom is sticking his tongue out as he cuts the cake.

Howsham Hall is 16th century, Jacobean Mansion set in 80 acres of its own private park land; formerly an independent all boys school, it was taken over by Dine just a few years back. Dine is a family run business, who are known for expertly planning and delivering events and have been doing so for over 20 years now. They have a portfolio of other venues impressive venues: Rise Hall, Sefton Park, Palm House and The Mansion, all the properties have their own unique charm along with impressive architectural grandeur.

Howsham Hall from a distance

Sign saying Howsham Hall

The ceremony rom at Howsham Hall

The entrance at Howsham Hall

Sun is coming through the window at Howsham Hall highlighting the flowers.

The bridal party celebrating and rising their arms in front of Howsham Hall

The groomsmen are jumping of the step at Howsham Hall

Groom kisses the bed on the cheek the bridal party surround them

Bride and bridesmaids walking in front of howsham hall

The bridesmaids raise their bouquet over the brides head, they are all laughing.

The wedding breakfast room at Howsham Hall

The wedding cake in the dining room.

A name place on the table

Some of the favours on the table

The bride is swinging on the swing in from t of Howsham Hall

Couple kiss in the golden sunlight.

The groom is messing about on the swing in front of Howsham Hall.

Pushing his bride on the swing the couple are laughing.

Bride and groom on the swing together at howsham hall

Walking hand in hand smiling the newly weds enjoy a moment together.

Highlighted by the golden sun the couple are smiling at the camera.

The sun is shining through the middle of the couple and backlighting them.

The couple rub noses and laugh.

In front of Howsham Hall the bride and groom kiss.

Walking away from the camera the bride and groom go back inside of Howsham Hall

Howsham Hall boasts of the most incredible bridal suit with plenty of space for the bridal party get ready, it also offers an extensive range of bedrooms and a unique experience where your wedding day is not only set in the country house itself, but you get almost a mini tour of the property as the day goes by. Starting off in the front of the house for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, you will also enjoy drinks and canapés in the gardens before going deeper inside for the party, with full private use of a walled courtyard too.

The bridal suit at Howsham Hall, the bridesmaids are chatting to the bride.

Bridesmaids are getting ready in the window light.

Eyeliner is being applied to the bride.

The bridesmaids are chatting whilst the bride is getting ready.

Hair piece is applied to the bride's up do.

Mother of the bride is fastening the wedding dress buttons.

The bride gets emotional as she is getting her dress on.

Mother of the bride is smiling proudly at her daughter.

The bride reveals her dress to her bridesmaids.

The groom is getting his groomsmen to help him sort out his tie.

Th button holes are yellow roses.

The groom is checking his speech is in his pocket.

Th groom laughs as his groomsman struggles to put on his button hole.

The guest are walking down the stairs at Howsham Hall for a buffet of food.

Groom playing with his son as his father watches him.

Emily chose a bespoke wedding dress for her day, designed and made by the fabulous Deborah Ann of The Bridal Studio in Malton. Emily wanted an elegant but easy to wear gown, which would reflect her relaxed nature and style. What a superb job Deborah did, the simple gown had the most stunning backless design, finished thoughtfully with a satin bow and covered buttons running down the back. Emily teamed the frock with glittery, Dune bridal trainers completing her look.

Lace dress made by Deborah Ann at Malton Bridal Studio

It was important for the couple to have live music drifting through their celebrations, so Clark from Undercovered made the perfect addition to the afternoon. The acoustic singer entertained the guests on his guitar as a solo artist by day and for the party he was joined by his band members, who did the best job of filling the dance floor and getting everyone up for a must needed party!

The couple are having their first dance.

The bride laughs as they do their first dance.

Dance floor photo from above at Howsham Hall

Dancing guests on the dance floor.

Groom doing a dance.

The guest is jumping around on the dance floor.

The groomsmen as messing around on the dance floor.

The bride is dancing with her Grandfather.

The dance floor with the band in the background.

Crazy dancing by the guests at the wedding.

Funky dancing at the wedding.

Credits to suppliers: Venue: Howsham Hall | Photography: Anoif Photography, by Fiona Bielby | Food: Dine Cake: Cakes for all Occasions, Louise Hodsman | Flowers: Gemma at The Topiary Tree, Malton | Hair and Makeup Artist: Poppy Lear | The dress: The Bridal Studio Malton

Music : Undercovered

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