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Food 2 Remember, a reason to visit Malton

Northern African, Merguz Sausages, South African, Boerwors Sausages, and Yorkshire, Wild Garlic Sausages are just a few of the reasons why you should get yourself in to Paul’s charming, little butchers shop to check out his varied produce.

Butcher behind his counter
Meet Paul Pots, the face of Food 2 Remember

A father and son ran business; Food 2 Remember, is based in Talbot Yard Food Court, opposite The Talbot Hotel, Malton. Paul and Kieran have been located here for 5 years now after being attracted to the up and coming food court, by it’s rustic charm. If you call in to their shop, I can guarantee you’ll be greeted with a smile and plenty of enthusiasm. The duo is passionate about purchasing local produce and are proud to share their expertise and homemade stock: What they can source locally they will and if they can make it they do.

Father and Son working together in Malton
Paul works with his son Kieran, to run the little butchers shop.
Product at the butchers shop
Homemade Chorizo Sausage.
Meat under the counter
It's a meat lovers food paradise...
Where to find Food 2 Remember
The shop front.
Character in the shop
An antique mincer, decorating the shop to give it a bit of character.
Homemade sausages.
Left: South African Mergeuz Sausage. Right: Wild Garlic and Pork Sausage. Both homemade.
Butcher at work.
Kieran carving the 'beast.'
Shop front decor.
Decorating the shop door and lovely welly arrangement.

This pair don’t just stop at meat, they’re well aware of the nations dietary needs and desires, stocking a full range of gluten free products like: Scotch Eggs, Fishcakes and Chicken Kiev’s along with a Portobello Mushroom, Sweet Potato and Stout Vegan Tart too. I was pretty impressed to hear how they had covered all bases.

Vegan produce
The butchers that sell vegan produce... Portobello Mushroom, Sweet Potato and Stout Tart

Not only do these two offer a wide and varied range of produce they support other local businesses too by sourcing the ingredients to make them from other nearby. They’ve also set up a free local delivery service to anywhere in the UK throughout this pandemic we’re all going through, to help keep people in supply of good, quality food. Paul tells me that so far through these uneasy times the shop has been busier than ever, whilst some of the supermarkets shelves remain bare, Paul and Kieran are keeping their ‘shelves’ stocked well. If there ever could be a silver lining to this very bleak cloud, it could be that people like Paul and Kieran, who are helping to enrich the local economy by supplying their neighbours’ products to us with items such as, local honey and chutney to the Yorkshire cheese.

In a current climate where people think nothing of only shopping in only the supermarket, Kieran feels that people are having to become more aware of the smaller amenities around them, having to source essentials in from local businesses: butchers, green grocers and bakery’s. Let us just hope that when we reach the other side of this stormy period in history, that we all remember about local shops that kept us a float during such difficult times.

Selfie time, buying sausages!
Another happy customer.
I wasn't the only happy customer; Paul and Kieran have an array of happy pooches visiting the shop.

If you'd like to be involved in my project Malton, please get in touch!

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