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Happy Little Cloud, a Malton business

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

On a happy little cloud, not so far away, Michaela is beavering away in a world full of hot air balloons and mythical creatures. Really, it’s true! Michaela is a creative, in fact I’d like to go so far as to call her an artist, her creations are pure, crisp and beautiful; I can honestly say, I’ve never seen a nursery mobile so beautiful.

creative, creating.
Michaela creating one of her bespoke mobiles

Flowers, lace and crystal gems are some of the materials Michaela uses to create her stunning bespoke mobiles, she officially launched her company in 2018, “Happy Little Cloud Shop” after friends and family had seen what she’d created for her own children. Michaela is passionate and at her most happy when sitting hand-sewing, sticking and creating these beautiful products, telling me, “I could easily sit for 12 hours sewing and making these mobiles, it’s my little bubble.”

Working hands in action

As a devote vegan, Michaela ensures that all of her materials are too, using vegan felt to form her clouds and creatures. Her attention to detail is second-to-non, you can rest assured with one of Michaela’s creations they’ll be no ragged ends and loose threads. Michaela’s orders are bespoke with her customers sometimes even requesting their own colours and characters for the mobiles. Her most popular design she tells me is the hot air balloons, which a often personalised with the addition of baby’s name.

The hot air balloon creation

Michaela makes the mobile more personal by adding custom details

Whilst I visited Michaela to capture her in action and hear about her business, she was busy creating as usual. Hung from the ceiling was a flower wreath that she’d already made; she was adding the finishing touches for a client.

Bits and bobs to make a lovely creation
Hello world...this is Michaela's shop front.
Selfie time, a lesson from this lady!
Michaela Tarmey, owner of Happy Little Cloud Shop

The design had been customised with the addition of a hanging unicorn, something that she was all too happy to add on request. If you are after the perfect finishing touch for your baby’s nursery or a beautiful gift for someone special, I would highly recommend Michaela at the Happy Little Cloud Shop, check out her other creations on her website: or see her social media pages or HappyLittleCloud1 To find out more about my latest project please read my introductory blog post.

If you'd like to be part of it please get in touch and tell me a little about yourself or comment below...

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