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I'm looking forward to an Equine Adventure.

This is my latest venture and newest addition to my little business, if there's one thing that C-19 has done, it's made us stop. It's made us have to be creative and think a little more for ourselves, I've spent the last 5 years of my life with my head well and truly fixated on the wedding industry. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with this, I love what I do. Nevertheless, when you're knee deep in editing, you get very little time to think about others parts of the business and the different paths you could venture down now and again.

Horse with rider, riding bareback.
The perfect place to be free.

This has given me time, when we were allowed again, to get back in one the other place I love to be-the saddle. Honestly, there's no place quite like it. It's a place where all of your worries and insecurities disappear, vanishing in to thin air for that time being. Of late this has been rather useful, your can spend A LOT of time fretting at the moment, otherwise. When I was younger, I spent many an hour in the saddle: gymkhana'ing, doing pony club, cross country, hacking out and participating in to odd one day event and I loved it. The faster the better, having children has turned me in to somewhat of a wuss though, I'm sad to say. Haha But I still love a ride out on Frankie whenever I can, usually in the company of Natalie and Harley, sometimes Mum too.

Holding hands on horse back.
If there's two of you who want to be in the images together, just let me know.

My my deep-rooted love and passion for these four legged creatures goes way back as you can probably tell. I used to spend hours drawing and painting them as a teenager- when you had time on your hands to just do as you wanted. I also did my first photography college project using Harley as a model. So it seemed fitted to use him and Natalie as models. This would be getting on for about 17 years ago, he's greyed up around the eyes since then, but he's still incredible handsome.

Horse being lead.
Natalie and Harley helping build my new portfolio.
Horse and rider.
She spends ages cuddling this gorgeous boy.
Bareback riding.
Her first time bareback riding, she looks pretty epic, but says she prefers riding with the saddle because he's too boney. This made me chuckle!

Anyone who has a horse will understand, a horse is not just a horse, there is a bond there. There is an undeniable trust between horse and rider, anyone who has this or has experienced this will know how lucky and incredible you will feel to be in this place. A horse can read you and you can read them, the twitch of an ear the stamp of a foot and you know what they mean. Their spirits are calming and therapeutic, there's no place quite like being on the back of your horse.  There's a bond, a strong one, which is really quite something to photograph I'm finding out.

From today I am introducing two equine packages: Willow-Water Cherokee (Mum's first Morgan horse, who I adored!) and Arpeggio's Rising Star- my first Morgan, who I am now fortunate enough to be riding again. Please see below:

I am also going to be giving the first 5 people to book on to either of the packages a FREE print pack containing 12, 7x5" lustre prints ready for framing. So don't waste anytime, get in touch to secure you booking I will be free both midweek and weekends for now.

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