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JODIE & CALLUM | Going back to their roots; a beautiful outdoor-ceremony at The Old Lodge, Malton.

Updated: May 13, 2022

They met at school, but thing didn’t become official for a while. When they were 17 and 18 Callum invited Jodie to a wedding at The Old Lodge as his plus one, this was their first official date. From then onwards they grew closer; finally, becoming an announced couple 6 years ago. (It was in fact their 6 year anniversary the day after their wedding.) Callum proposed to Jodie in August 2020 with quite the audience! They were at the top of Ravenscar Cliffs, over looking the seals beneath.

Choosing the venue goes without saying, was pretty easy for these two. Not only does The Old Lodge in Malton have sentimental ties to them forming their relationship, they told me they absolutely love every aspect of the location too. Jodie gushed before the wedding, "The grounds are beautiful and also the inside has so much character and it’s just beautiful in every way!”

A sign reading The Old Lodge, outside of the wedding venue in Malton

Photo taken through the stone arch of the castle like building behind.

The open doorway to The Old Lodge in Malton

Blossom on the trees, within the grounds of The Old Lodge

The outdoor ceremony area at The Old Lodge

Taken from above the outdoor ceremony area at The Old Lodge in Malton

A clematis within the grounds.

Both Jodie and Callum were really excited to be celebrating how much they love each other with there friends and family watching over them, they wanted to get married outside in the stunning gardens of The Old Lodge and they were really hoping they’d get the weather to do this. On the morning of their wedding, it was all a little bit overcast and the atmosphere felt close and muggy, you know, when it feels like it could rain at any point, but you’re not entirely sure.

Anyway, Beth and her team at The Old Lodge set up for both eventualities, inside and outside, just to be safe! Still, Jodie and Callum were able to say their I dos outside, just as they’d hoped.

Outdoor ceremony area with the guests seated and waiting at The Old Lodge

Mother and father of the groom

Smiling  at her son they wait for the ceremony to begin

One of the guests is getting a cheeky drink out of the hip flask.

Pepper the dog is greeting grandad

The groom waiting for the ceremony to start

Photo taken across the guest towards the mingling groom

The bridesmaids waiting to walk down the aisle

Framed by the shrubbery, the groom's waiting of his bride.

Following the flower girls, one of the bridesmaids is beaming with happiness.

The flower girls are walking hand in hand down the aisle

Standing at the top of the aisle the groom looks happy.

The first look at her husband.

Waiting to say their vows

Looking and smiling towards her husband as they declare their love.

The couple are looking towards the regestar

During the ceremony at the old lodge

Facing each other ready to say their vows.

The bride is putting a ring on her husbands finger

The first kiss

The groom's little brother is laughing with his auntie

Signing the documents

After they’d exchanged ring, they left the ceremony under a shower of confetti, before enjoying drinks in the garden with their loved ones. The sun came out and stayed out, which absolutely made their day.

The couple are getting ready to walk back down the aisle together

Confetti is being thrown at the couple as they leave the ceremony.

The confetti is in the air and the couple are smiling as they walk through it.

The couple are smiling as they walk through the confetti.

Panned out shot of them walking through the confetti

Leaning in towards her husband the bride looks utterly in love.

Th bride is pulling her husband nearer to her to kiss him.

Linking or weaving arm the couple drink from chamgane flutes

Mother and Father of the groom waiting to get their fizz

Th bridesmaids are walking towards the drinks.

Bridesmaid are giving the groom a hug

The flowers loooking up at the bride and the bridesmaid are in the distance.

The bride is hugging the guest, whilst holding change and a bouquet of flowers

The bride and groom are talking to their guest, she is raising her left hand to her hair.

Grooms grandad is smiling at the camera, whilst everyone else is mingling.

all of the guests gathered around the building

holding an empty glass of champaign is the bride who is chatting away to the guests

the bride is looking down at the floor whilst the groom is stood with a glass of champagne

one of the guests kissing the bride on the head

the groom's grandad sat in the midst of all the guests

some of the guests taking a selfie with the bride

some of the guests gathered at the building with bride and groom in the distance

the groom and his car

the groomsman chucking a ball for the dog

picture of part of the building with the blue sky in the background and the flag blowing in the wind

some of the guests holding up their pints

two of the guests smiling for the picture one of them is holding up a glass of wine

bride and groom kissing with the old lodge in the background

Callum was described to me, by one of their guests, as a bit of a ‘petrol head’ so it won’t surprise you now when I tell you he brought his pride and joy along to the wedding, so they could have photos with it. He surprised Jodie by getting the back window sticker’ed with ‘just married’ and their wedding date, by Big Boolies, who are family friends. It was lovely to see her reaction when he showed her. Plus it really added to their photos…

With certain aspects of their day, they want to follow traditions, so they did a line-up and greeted everyone as they went through to the dinning room for their meal. This is something I haven’t seen done for ages, since covid, it was really lovely to witness everyone kissing and embracing one another as they passed by. Ah, normality, I love you!

Before the meal they decide to do the speeches, this is a great idea if any of your guests are feeling a little nervous about speaking in front of everyone. Get them out of the way and then enjoy your food, it makes total sense! So after a rather touching and emotional speech form Jodie’s extremely proud father, we got to hear the low-down on Callum from his Bestman Robbie!! (I did remember correctly, poor Robbie was getting called Roaby, Ronnie and goodness knows what else by me during their group photos. Sorry) Robbie told us many the entertaining story about Callum and how he’s always getting his priorities right when it comes to life purchases…

father of the bride stood up about to make a speech

everyone applauding the bride's father for the speech he has just given

the groom and his father-in-law hugging

all of the guest looking and listening

one of the guests showing emotion towards one of the speeches being made

Father of the bride in the middle of his speech

one of the guests laughing

Father of the bride giving speech, all eyes on him

some of the guests laughing and smiling

Father fo the bride making his speech, the bride looking a bit embarrassed but still laughing

all of the guests smiling

the groom making his speech whilst laughing at the bride

all of the guests listening

bridesmaid smiling at one of the speeches

the groom raising a glass for a toast to him and his new bride

the guests listening in to the speeches

groom reading his speech

The Bestman reading his speech

bride and groom smiling with the guests

reading the speech off his phone, the bestman has everyone listening

bride and groom smiling at one another

reading his speech and everyone smiling and laughing on the top table

all laughing at the bestman's speech

picture of everyone from the back, they are listening and looking at the bestman who is giving his speech

some of the guests outside smiling

picture of the family and the flower girl

bride and groom with the amazing scenery at the old lodge

bride and groom kissing in the archway of tree

Following the speeches, the couple cut their cake and kicked off the moves on the dance floor.

ADVICE FROM THE COUPLE "Enjoy the process and do exactly what you want to, no one else matter but you."

Great words of advice from the couple, it's so easy to get hung up on everyone's opinions and do things to please them, but at the end of the day it's about the two of you, so everyone should be happy with what you choose to do.

As a wedding photographer, I see so many celebrations in the year and I can honestly say they are all unique, with each couple putting their own stamp on things. It doesn't matter: what colour tables cloths you use; the type of food you serve or even the order you plan your day; it's about the two people that are committing to each other, it shapes the day.

Make it your own.


Photos: Anoif Photography | Venue: The Old Lodge | The Dress: | Suits: | MUA: Demi Jones from Scarborough | Hair: Jordan Brown, Hair Shop, Pickering | Flowers: Leoni, All In Bloom | Cake: Laura Skaife, Laura Bakes | Sweet Cart: Floss and Dooleys

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