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KAREN & STAURT | A relaxed, informal day, as if they were at the beach, Malton, North Yorkshire.

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Their eyes met across a crowded pub, in Malton; they got chatting and realised instantly, just how much they had in common, from their love of travelling to playing a game of golf.

Bride and groom are looking in to each others eyes, they are stood in a wheat field

It was just over 2 years ago when they got engaged, it was Stuart’s birthday when he decided to proposed to Karen, on a beach in Goa. Karen told me how she had no idea and had actually thought she would never marry again; nevertheless, when Stuart asked, she instantly knew her answer was, yes.

Stood in a wheat field the bride has her arms draped over her husband' shoulders and they are touching noses

Goa is probably their favourite place to go together, even before they got engaged there, because of this they really wanted their day to feel nice and relaxed, as if they were on the beach in Gao. The thing they were most excited about was bringing their friends and family together in the same place and just enjoying their presence without any pressures or stresses. Karen got ready at her Mum's house just down the road with her close family around her, she'd planned to drive herself to the registry office in Malton too, to keep things simple. Stuart, on-the-other-hand had a different idea, he'd arranged for a beautiful, white Bentley to collect Karen. He thought it would be a lovely surprise for her on the day, plus she would arrive in style. This she did.

stood in front of the wedding car is the bride and her two sons.

arriving at the registry office in malton, in a bentley

the bride is getting out of the wedding car at malton registry office.

Sadly, both Karen and Stuart have suffered losses of close family members over the last couple of years, due to this Karen's sons Josh and Oliver stepped up to the honourable job of walking their Mum down the aisle to meet her husband to be.

stood at the top of the aisle is the groom waiting of his bride.

The bride makes her entrance with her two sons at malton registry office

everyone is watching the bride enter with her two sons at malton registry office

the bride kisses her husband to be as she gets to the front of the registry office

smiling at each other the couple are ready to get married

the sons of the bride are watching the ceremony

mother of the bride is watching the marriage, she looks proud

the bride looks fondly towards her groom

the groom places the ring on his wife's finger as he says his vows

the grooms son is watching fondly as they exchange vows

smiling from ear to ear the groom puts the ring on his wife's finger

now husband and wife the couple wait to be told they can kiss

a detail image of the couple holding hands.

the first kiss, the guests behind them are clapping.

the signing of the documents, the groom is watching his wife

guests watching the couple sign the documents

the couple are exiting the registry office

Walking in to the gardens at malton registry office the couple are happy

the couple look happy as they are walking through confetti

guests are throwing confetti and the couple.

the bride and groom have reached the end of the confetti tunnel

After the ceremony they chose to keep things simple and small before the rest of the party started later on, so they were chauffeur driven in to the little market town to the local Italian for a meal. They wanted good food that everyone would enjoy and who doesn't like Florios? I know, what a great idea!

pulling up outside florios in malton

being helped out of the car by the chauffeur

the couple are smiling at the camera front the back of the car

guests waiting inside of florios

inside of florios in malton

children inside of florios

guests enjoying their drinks inside of florios

Once fed and watered, they headed back to the local Rugby Club to be greeted by all their friends. It was the perfect atmosphere, the sun was shining, it was relaxed and everyone was chilling out, just as they would if it were a Sunday afternoon after a game.

Credits to suppliers: Photos: Anoif Photography | Venue: Malton Rugby Club | Hair Luxe, Keelie Marword | Flowers: Hand tied herself.

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