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KAYLEIGH & RHYS | Mauve & Grey, Festival-Themed Wedding at Burythorpe House, Malton

He’s her hero and she’s his best friend; he makes her laugh and he thinks she’s the most kind and thoughtful person he’s ever met. They met whilst living on the same street and because they officially hooked up when they went to Leeds Fest together, they thought it best to represent that in their wedding day somehow.

A pretty sweet story and a pretty awesome wedding day they hosted, might I add! Whilst the couple were most excited about becoming Mr & Mrs, overall Rhys was most looking forward to seeing his wife-to-be walking down the aisle towards him, they wanted it to be relaxed for everyone too. They planned to have an outdoor ceremony at Burythorpe House, in the beautiful gardens so they children could be freer and it also fitted perfectly with their festival theme too.

Because they had so many guests attending they decided on a marquee to host the majority of their celebrations. The marquee was beautifully decorated, festival style of course, with lashings of bunting, in many tones of mauve. They had kept things simple and sociable, adding 4 long, trellis tables in addition to their top table, these were garnished with lace table runners, dainty vases and then they cleverly named their tables with record labels of the different bands that were playing at Leeds the year they went. The rustic chairs looked elegant, draped in lace with mauve roses thoughtfully, placed to tie in with the colour theme.

All this I believe was down to Kayleigh and her mum Alison, who were there from the crack of dawn until dusk the day before the wedding. It looked superb and was well worth the effort.

Trellis tables laid out with lace and roses.

The marquee and it's bunting, with trellis tables laid out with lace and roses.

Table names were album covers of band that they saw at Leeds Festival

Place name written on a luggage tag

The set up of the marquee, with Trellis tables laid out with lace and roses.

The table plan on a palette painted green and surrounded with flowers

The rustic seats were decorated with lace and a dainty floral arrangement.

The guest book and sweeties

Naked, styled wedding cake decorated with flowers

Trellis tables laid out with lace and roses and the bunting hanging above.

Kayleigh and Rhys really wanted everyone to have a great time and because they already have 3 children themselves, there was a lot of kids at the wedding and they wanted them to have fun too. To entertain them, they had an amazing white, bouncy castle and a gladiator-styled inflatable, which kept them happy they also had a giant connect 4. For the adults, they arranged a live DJ and singer. Tom Sealey introduced the couple to their evening guests and sang their first dance, which they did this on the grass, of course. With the entertainment elevated on the back of a lorry bed, it perfectly was in keeping with their theme for the day.

The bride and groom are holding hands whilst she swishes her dress.

Laying on the white bouncy castle the couple are looking towards one another

The bride and groom are bouncy on the bouncy castle

The groom is doing a backflip and the bride is watching him

The white bouncy castle with tree leaves n the foreground.

Even though Kayleigh and Rhys' day began with an 11am ceremony, there was no lull in the afternoon. I think the may have been with them inviting everyone for the evening at 4.30pm. With the added addition of new guests, this stopped that from happening; this and the fact their first dance was at 5pm.

People didn't stay on the dance floor afterwards, instead they mingled with the evening guests and sat in the sun, listening to the music and watching the children play, they were having so much fun.

It goes to show, you can mix it up totally and 100% pull it off. What a day, you two, well done!


Photos: Anoif Photography | Venue: Burythorpe House | Dress: Perfect Day Bridal | Make up: Bethany Tasker & Emma Wilford | Hair: Natalie Nelson & Lucy Peel | Flowers: Lyndsay Fletcher | Cake: Claire Ruscoe | Food: Burrythorpe House | Hog roast: Strensal Hog Roasts | Music: Tom Sealey | Drone: Darren McElwain

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