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LOUISE & MIKE | Classical, blush-pink Church Wedding in Heworth, York.

She’s organised and a worrier, whilst some may say, he’s too laid back and he does everything at his own pace; nevertheless, these two found each other just over 4 years ago. Since meeting, they’ve seen how their differences really do compliment one another.

Opposites do attract and they got engaged at Christmas, in 2020. Very successfully, they planned their traditional, church wedding together. Louise and Mike were most looking forward to spending quality time with their friends and family throughout their day, they wanted it to be as relaxed as it could be, so everyone could enjoy it.

The celebrations began at The Holy Trinity Church, in Heworth at York, where Louise was chauffeur driven in a vintage black and cream Rolls Royce. As Mike waited nervously, he was meeting and greeting the guests outside the church. Luckily for Mike, his wife to be is very organised, so made a prompt arrival in time for the service.

An image of The Holy Trinity Church in Heworth, photographed through the trees

A closer view of The holy Trinity Church in York

Guests are stood outside of the church in Heworth

The groom and his groomsmen are meeting and greeting guests arriving at the church.

The groom is laughing at what the guests are saying.

A guesting is hugging the groom outside of the church.

Laughing and looking at the groom the batsmen are lined up outside of the church

Stood outside the groom is standing smiling.

Inside of the church, the guests are chatting.

At the front of the church the groom and the bestmen are waiting.

In pink blush dresses the bridemaids are waiting for the bride to arrive.

A Rolls Royce has pulled up outside of the church

Ready to get married the bride os waking in to the church.

Introducing the bride, the vicar is stood at the front of the church.

All the groomsmen are sat in a pew waiting for the service to begin.

Bridesmaid number one walking down the aisle.

An entrance from the second bridesmaid

Holding her flowers the bridesmaid goes to sit on the pew

Getting read for the bride the groom is standing up

Smiling towards her love, the bride is walking down the aisle with her dad

Capture from a distance the whole church as the bride enters

Shacking the grooms hand the father of the bride gives his daughter away.

Grandma is watch from her seat.

At the front of the church the bride and groom wait nervously.

Everyone is singing the first hymn in the service at the church

The guest who read the reading is sitting down

Reading from the bible the vicar is doing his service, the bride and groom are listening

Mum and Dad are sharing a moment with the other guests

Holding hands, the couple exchange vows.

A details hot of the bride and grooms hands.

Delivering the rings, their friend is smiling the groom is watching.

Time for the exchange of the rings.

Mother of the groom is watching the exchange of rings looking on fondly.

She is giving the groom his ring.

The first kiss. everyone is cheering.

The Grooms Grandma is watching the service

Signing the document the couple look happy.

They are leaving the church holding hands.

Th couple exit the Holy Trinity Church in York.

They wanted their photos to be as laid back and natural as possible, due to being slightly uneasy in front of the camera. With this in mind, after the ceremony everyone lined up for a good, old confetti throw. I always recommend these to all my couples; especially, if they don’t enjoy have their photos taken. The reason being, all the action makes the perfect distraction from the camera, so you end up with epic photos like these…

After the confetti throw, Louise’s bridesmaids picked out all of the dried petals and we flew through a section of their formal’ish photos along with doing their portraits too. The forecast was looking ominous for the afternoon, so getting these done before they got to the venue meant they could enjoy mingling with the family without worrying about the weather changing. Even better still, for couples who worry they might not enjoy the experience of being photographed, this is a great idea as you have no onlookers watching the process. Louise and Mike's photo look amazing, as they are so natural together and made my job easier than they realised.

The bridesmaid is picking the confetti out of the brides hair.

Holding their bouquets above their heads the bridesmaids and groomsmen are cheering.

Touching noses, the couple are smiling lovingly at each other, taken through foliage.

Formal shot of the brides parents.

Embracing one another in front of the church building the bride and groom are kissing.

Formal photo of the bridal party

Walking hand in hand towards the camera, the bride is looking down and the groom is smiling at the camera.

The bride and groom are kissing next to the church building

Formal photo of both sets of parents.

Next to the tree the couple are close to kissing, you can see the church in the background.

Wond had caught the veil and it's blowing as the couple walk.

Throw the cherry blossom you can see the couple kissing.

Sat in the Rolls Royce, the couple are smiling.

Through the window of the Rolls Royce you can see the couple looking at each other,

Now at The Marriott, the couple get a photo with the car and their champagne.

The rest of the day was based at The Marriott Hotel in York, they enjoyed drinks and chatter in the bar area, whilst making the most of the outdoor area as the weather held perfectly. The rain didn’t start until they went for food-lucky!

After the meal we had the pleasure of the speeches, Louise’s dad’s speech kicked everything off splendidly…I’ve never seen anyone do this before, but he moved around the room as he did his speech and goodness did he have some stories to tell! What a grand job you did Mike. (Yes, Louise’s dad is also called Mike.) Mike -the groom Mike- just to keep us on track had chosen to have not 1, but 3 Bestmen! Meaning, his pain of ‘The Bestman’s Speech” had to be endured 3 times, this certainly kept everyone entertained nicely with footballing stories past and tales from the stag do too. 😂😰🤗

Finally they did the last of the formalities, cutting their cake and enjoying their first dance.

Smiling whilst cutting the cake together

The first dance and the couple are laughing

A guest embraces the pair during their first dance

A moody shot of the couple being back-lit

Hugging the bride, the guest has arrived

On the dance floor the guests are laughing.

Raising his arms to the camera, the guests is going crazy on the dance floor

The bride and groom are having fun with their guests.

Three guests are grouping together for a photo

The full dance floor

Family holding hands, dancing and having a good time.


Be organised: There are great tools out there for you to use, they will make planning your day as stress free as possible. Louise used an app called, Bridebook, which she vouches for. She also said, “Keep sticky notes of what needs doing.” This helps to remind you of the things that have to be done and is a great tip if you benefit from seeing things in front of you. Credits to suppliers: Photography: Anoif Photography | Church: Holy Trinity Church, York | Venue: The Marriott, York | Car: Dovecote Wedding Cars | Dress: Once up on a dress | MUA: Alison Martin | Hair: Alison again | Flowers: Belle Booms Florist | Cake: Cake Box

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