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SAMANTHA & GUY | Country-themed Wedding at Aldby Park, with tweed suits and pheasant feathers galore

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Having instantly fallen in love with their venue’s grand but rugged charm, they looked nowhere else! Samantha and Guy loved the freedom Aldby Park gave them to plan their day with numerous settings and spaces they felt like they could enjoy each part of their day somewhere new and let the guests explore the grounds on their own.

Wearing a white lace dress the bride is stood next to her husband, who is wearing a light-green tweed suit and pink tie, in front of a white Bentley. The car is parked outside of Aldby Park.

The couple told me how they both experienced the wow factor as they entered the gates to the drive and when they first saw the front of the small Georgian Mansion. I say small, I don’t think there’s anything small about the family owned property, which is set in acres and acres of it’s own grounds, just on the banks of the river Derwent, near Stamford Bridge.

A brick wall is at the entrance of the Park, there is a sign leant against the wall saying Adderley Wedding.

The front of the brick Georgian House which is aldby park.

The bride is kissing the groom on the cheek as they stood in front of the Bentley which is parked in from t of Aldby Park House

As they were shown around, they loved how the house oozed period character from the exterior and how the gardens were well kept with out being over the top and extravagant, they were just, them.

A stone statue is stood at the back off Aldby Park House.

The bridal party is stood on the steps at the back of the house in Aldby Park, they are wearing green bridesmaids dresses, the groomsmen are wearing light-green tweed suits

One of the guests is sat in the centre of the steps at the back of Aldby Park

The couple are stood in front of a stone bust in the grounds of aldby park, they are loosely holding hands in front of it.

The bride and groom are walking around the gardens at aldby park, there are loads of blue flowers in the boarders

In the grounds of aldby park the couple are stood holding hands

Having booked the venue, they wanted to keep everything else as local as possible and used only suppliers they had heard good things about or had come across before. (Luckily for me, I’d met Samantha during an equine photo session with one of her close friends a couple of years ago, we got on very nicely, chatting about our shared love of the four legged animals.) Everyone involved had travelled no more than an hour to get there. Samantha was very passionate about this and believes that supporting local businesses is good for the community.

Here's Howard who runs Ryedale Limousines; a popular and local business man from Malton who chauffeur drives many brides in the area.

You’ve perhaps guessed that this local pair are very much in to the great outdoors; sharing a love of shooting and beating in the midst of the season, along with their two dogs Fern and Duke. These two (Fern and Duke) totally worship Guy, I mean one of them spent the whole church service crying for his attention, in the sweetest way possible.

Because of their shared love of the shooting season there’s no prizes for guessing that their day would have been inspired by it, one way or another. Guy and the groomsmen wore a light green tweed suit and Guy had thoughtfully, asked the florist the use the bullet casings he’d shot, to house their button hole flowers. Samantha had unbeknown to Guy sent some of them away to be made in to cuff links as a gift for Guy on the day as well. Touches like these are incredible! The tables were also named after animals to do with the sport, from Spaniels and Labradors to Pheasants and Partridges.

The groomsmen all wearing their tweed suits and pink ties.

Cream Peonies in the bullet casings as button holes.

Brass cuff links made form bullet casings

Guy and Samantha chose to get married in St Mary’s of Old Malton, due to its close connection to her family; having had both sets of grandparents once being married there along with her Mum and Dad too. I believe she might even have been Christened there!

Take a look at their day, they definitely know how to plan a good party and how to enjoy it, even with the wet weather the end of July presented them with. I do love a wedding like Guy and Samantha's, so if you're planning one alike, please get in touch to see if I can help you capture yours.

Credits to suppliers: Photos: Anoif Photography | Venue: Aldby Park, Louisiana Weddings and Bars | Hair: Steph from Luxe | Make up: Emma Wilford | Flowers: Clair Godfrey | Car: Howard Fletcher | Marquee: Floridia Marquees | Caterers: Baba Ganoush | Wedding Stationary: Skiltons Shoot Stationary | Dress: Brides of York | Shoes: Fairfax and Favour

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