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SARA & CHRIS | Beautifully-rustic wedding at Sneaton Castle Whitby

Enjoying the moment was always the most important thing to Sara and Chris on their wedding day; having fun with their friends and family was key. The couple didn’t originally book their day at Sneaton Castle, even so, when all went “Pete Tong” and their venue closed its’ doors, they then came across the Castle. From the moment they discovered it they couldn’t imagine doing their day anyway else.

On the steps at the front of Sneaton Castle, the bride and groom are stood, the groom is looking to the camera wearing a dinner suit and the bride is looking at her husband, with all her trail draped don't the steps. The steps have colourful flowers in planters all the way up the steps.

They told me how when they first visited Sneaton Castle they couldn’t believe how beautiful it was, another big plus factor was, it was bang in the middle for both of their families too. They loved the sleek, clean and quirky interior along with the picturesque gardens another winning pro was that they could do everything onsite, from Sara getting ready to saying their vows in the stunning chapel.

Sneaton castle, taken from the entrance gates, you can see the bronze statue of the horse and knight in the foreground, the horse is rearing.

the white ace dress is hanging from the pagoda in the gardens of senator castle

the chapel at sneaton castle, it's taken from the entrance door looking down towards to the white blossom archway which is positioned under the painted domes ceiling.

The couple loved the rustic set up of the banquet hall and chose to use the wooden set up for the tables, just incase you’re wondering Sneaton Castle have tablewares to suit every genre. Last time I was there, it was all vintage tea-cups and saucers. Everything from the name places, to the plates were made of wood or to look like they were. The cake stands were particularly wonderful, with the stem being formed from a garden spade handle!

Sara and Chris didn’t want anyone to be at a loose end, so with the help of Sara's Mum, they arranged for a show stopping performance from the Silver Service Singers. As usual their performance was a talking point after they burst in to song, having gone head-long across the dinning room floor, whilst carrying a tray of cutlery. Truly hilarious form my point of view (Because I knew it was a set up, not because I'm heartless.) and all part of the act!


Venue: Sneaton Castle | Photography: Anoif Photography | Hair: Kelly Grey Bridal Hair | Make up: Beth at Studio K | Dress: Joanne Kay, Bridal Boutique | Flowers: The Topiary Tree, Malton | Food: Sneaton Castle | Cake: The Bride’s Mam | Suits: The Wedding Room, Scarborough | Singing Waiters: Silver Service Singers | DJ: Ultimate Entertainment

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