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Scoop up, for Stir Up Sunday!

After purchasing our local scoop and weigh shop, Scoops, in May 2019, Sally has had more than her fair share of obstacles and hurdles to over-come since: what with the pandemic lurking everywhere we move, things have not been simple.

Shopkeeper with Hamper
Proud to offer local produce!
Shop front
A fresh lick of paint, has revamped the old scoop and weigh shop of Malton
Covid Markers
These once strange markers are now the new 'normal.'
Window display
A few of the local produce on show in the window.

Not only has Scoops been offering these new services, they’re keen to help our most epic challenge to date: Save Our Planet. Sally encourages customers to bring in reusable containers, to refill with the ingredients that are needed, plus she’s also swapped as much packaging as possible for plastic-free. She’s proud to say she sources her products as locally as possible too, cutting down of the 'air-miles' and fuel used to transport produce from further afield. This goes with out saying, that Scoops was the only place you could buy every type of flour from, at the height of the pandemic due to Sally choosing to use a local mill in Driffield.

Christmas Hamper anyone? I'm sure there'll be plenty to choose from...
Shop products
Anything weird and wonderful, you'll find it here!
From cleaning to treats...
Cans of pop
to drinks...
Cake decor equipment.
Icing, food colouring, decorations and more!
Scales for weighing food
Weigh everything yourself
Bird food
You can even feed the birds!!
Or treat the kiddies, maybe even yourself.

So what does Scoops have to offer? Well, maybe the easier question would be what doesn’t it sell. With 1000s of dried ingredients under their roof from herbs and spices, to condiments and coffee, there’s anything you can image that comes in tins, bottles and paper bags. Along with Sally promoting local produce such as, pasta, coffee, flour, biscuits and oils she’s started putting baking and dinner bags/packs together as well to help inspire and entertain us during these challenging times. If you haven’t made your Christmas cake yet, I can recommend these amazing packs here... All you need to add is the eggs, butter and some fresh zest, the instructions and everything else is there waiting to be used. It’s "Stir Up Sunday" tomorrow so you could get down there and grab a bag just in time.

The contents of the Christmas Cake Bag
Food mixer
It comes with clear instructions, anyone can do this!
In to the oven for 3 and a bit hours...
Christmas cake...
And wallah!!

My friend told me she’s used one of the dinner packs for a vegan tagine, something she would have never usually tried, she told me it can with literally everything she needed, a cute little pack of spices, the vegetables (sources locally from Paleys) a tin of chickpeas and and tomatoes and even the stock cube too. I also know that the store stocks diet friendly alternatives too, so if you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian or vegan you’ll still find something nice to nibble…

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