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The Beecham Weigh, Malton

Updated: Jun 9, 2020

A sentimental purchase some might say and others would think it was just meant to be, it wasn’t until around a month a go, whilst out walking the dog when I discovered Davina had decided to take a career change from midwifery to store manager, owner and business planner.

Shop front.
The shop front, Yorksergate, Malton
Shop owner
Davina, behind her counter
shop interior
It reminds me of a sweet shop, but with organic dried food, amazing!
shop interior
The health supplements
Shop products
They have everything!

After spotting this little shop on the market earlier this year Davina decided to just simply go for it! Making a move from her current career: This seemed like fate though. Her father had purchased this shop way back in 1980 and Davina can recall some good times there, it was where her working life began too, when she was old enough, she enjoyed working here on Saturdays as a teenager. The shop had remained in the family until fairly recently; when Ian decided to sell up, contemplating retirement, letting the business go. Davina is proud to bring the business back to the family, completing the sale only a few days after Lockdown was announced, it wasn’t the perfect time to be venturing in to the retail world; nevertheless, Davina and Julie (Davina's one member of staff) are making a cracking go at it.

Dried food
Some of the delicacies...
Health and safety sign
shampoo and conditioner
Organic shampoos and conditioners
essencial oils
Every essential oil you can think of!
Kombucha flavours, my Mum used to make this years ago!

Davina told me how she’s had a steep learning curve over the last few months, not only has she had the lockdown to contend with and home schooling her three children, she’s also had to learn the ins and outs of running a business! Along with her small team of one- Julie. Davina told me how she couldn't have done it with out Juile, who works 2 days a week, as a shop assistant. Julie has passion rooted in natural medicine and healing, which means she brings such wise knowledge to the shop. Davinea say's, "We make a brilliant team and I have found a friend that has such a positive influence on my life as well as the best colleague." It's so refreshing to hear employers speak so highly of their staff.

Davina has great plans for this little shop and has already made extensive changes to the premises; the interior and exterior are unrecognisable. The shop is no longer just a health food store, it’s a haven for those of us that care about our health and environment, with a vast variety of Organic delicacies up for grabs, it’s like a old fashioned sweet shop, but full of all kinds of dried food from lentils and pulses to a medley of cereals! There’s even Kilner jars full with Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar for you to refill your bottle with along with washing detergent, shampoo and conditioners.

refill station
Potions and wonders, the refill station
Refill station
Refill your bottles with organic produce and cut down on wasteful packaging.
Refil station
Health foodie's heaven!

They now stock a full range of the latest CBD Oil products too, which are becoming more and more popular with nation for treating many different ailments. What’s more Davina is offering a same day free delivery service within the local community and I believe a once weekly service to Scarborough and York, she’s recognised the current situation and has already began to bend to meet everyone’s needs. “People are safest at home,” say’s Davina, who is also only allowing 2 customers in the shop at one given time, to protect our society. We are facing challenging times at the moment, but yet again another Malton business prevails! If we can get through this standing everyone, we’re doing all right!

CBD Products
CBD Products, there's even some tea and coffee.
Herbs and spices
Herbs and spices anyone?
intolerance specialties
Dairy free chocolate and other treats for those with intolerances.
Shop keeper
The mind behind vision!

Check out Davina’s FB Page and website Send her a message if you need something or pick up the phone!

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