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The Doorstep Session...

On the 2nd of May I did my first doorstep session with some of my favourite people in the world, it was the first time since the March-Lockdown that I’d photographed another family and I was really nervous. Partly because I wasn’t sure if I was strictly allowed or not, and partly due to this being a new way of capturing people for me: I don’t spend my time arranging people neatly in front of doors usually! Haha

Our lovely friends: The Allansons! The first wedding I photographed, God Parents to both our children and first port of call for a weekend away after this is over!
Meet Ryder and Rocky!

It was Ryan’s Birthday and we were taking his present to leave of the doorstep, so I took my camera along too. Both Brooke and Ryan had got a bunny each just before lockdown, they’d introduced them to us over a Skype call; nevertheless, they were eager to share them in real life too, so of course they joined the photo shoot! This session became the first of many. I’ve loved photographing families on their doorsteps and in their gardens. (Only after permission was give by the Government to enter a garden, of course.) I began doing these sessions like a bag of nerves and now I feel I’ve become braver! By this I don’t mean I’m getting closer to people, I’m just pushing my kit and using it to it’s full potential. Seriously, I must change my lens’ about 101 times during a 15 min (ish) session.

I honestly feel these sessions have improved my photography skills or maybe they’ve made me look at things differently? Before I would always look for the best location or the prettiest background and I’d choose to have people in or out of the direct sunlight. Just like you can’t move mountains you can’t move someone’s from door either and when you’re planning around a baby and their nap time you just can’t be that fussy! So I’ve had to go with it… Direct, harsh sunlight and grey, windy days have become my friends. Yes, if you wanted the “perfect photographically balanced” photo with just the right amounts of shadows and highlights and perfectly positioned hair then your going to struggle and maybe my style isn’t for you, but I’ve become to see these “flaws” as atmosphere, character and personality, after all, I want to capture people during what has been one of the most challenging times we’ll ever (hopefully) have to face in our lifetimes! These portraits should be full of character and charisma and should represent the times we are and have lived through do far, so if you’ve spent your days in joggers and a string vest or jumping on the trampoline like crazy people then that’s what you should be doing in your photos!

Not quite string vests and Mum will kill me for this, but this is my favourite photo of them by far, this is what I see when I visit everytime, this is true of the times, so this is the photo I'll be treasuring and putting on my wall.
Or playing with your Harley Davidson...
Fun times in the garden, the little ones don't really know what's been going on, but if they ask when they're older you can show them...
This little one's been water her garden everyday!
These guys have had fun in the water...
and on the trampoline!
Pixie's enjoyed licking her peoples' faces!
Maybe you've played chase?
Or watched fondly from a distance?
Some of us have styled it out during lock down!
Other's have broken bones whilst playing with their pets...
New lives have joined our world.
Families have come together!
They've treasured each other and just had fun!

So far I’ve raised £100 for the NHS with the help of you lovelies! Before the trend of doorstep photos fizzles out, I’m planning on doing them until the end of June. For each session booked I will donate £5 to the NHS too. I’m happy to do them weekdays, weeknights and weekends so please get in touch! Couples, families, newborn babies, rabbits, dogs, guineapigs OK, I think you get it! You’re all welcome.

Embrace what you have in your lives at the time.
Pixie got this for her birthday!
This one's spent hours in her wingman.
Whilst this one's been walking her dog everyday.
This one just had the cutest feet and socks!
and a smile that would break hearts!
These lot have spent time as a family.

Plus they've done ALOT of dancing on walls!

And these two got engaged at the end of last year!

Each slot last for around 15 minutes, you get 5 digital images include in the price with full printing rights. If you’d like more that’s fine they’re only £5 each extra (less than a Gin and Tonic!) Don’t let this time pass without a souvenir, do if for the children and future generations to look back on. Book your slot now!

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