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Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice are 'hitting the road' in Malton and York.

Yet another small business diversifying: Malton’s very own, passionate, apple-juicing duo has decided to keep everyone in full supply of their delicious nectar!

Business owners.
Jane and John, the duo behind the juice. Can you see where the juice gets It's name from?

Yorkshire Wolds Apple juice is made from 100% British fruit, it’s produced just ½ a mile from Norton, the juice is full of vitamins and goodness. It’s got no added sugar, water or preservatives either, plus it comes with a long shelf life so if you decide to buy a few bottles it’ll sit in the cupboard until you need it, it doesn’t need to be refrigerated until opened. This sweet juice is award winning, being placed 2nd in the national fruit show competition, plus it goes really well with gin as a replacement for the tonic! Perfect for a summer's evening.

I can vouch for that!

Hedgerow Gin
The perfect companion for the apple juice...Adults only!

The new labels
Three of their five flavours

Three of their five flavours
I'm totally loving the new labels Jane and John have just had designed.

Sloe Gin
Sloe gin and apple juice over the rocks, try it!

Before C-19 hit us all, Jane and John sold most of their juice directly to tearooms, (Betty's was one of them!) restaurants, bistros and local businesses; however, as you can imagine the virus has taken a massive hit on their regular way of trading. This is why they have decided to deliver the juice directly to your door for free, if you live within a 5 mile radius of Malton or within York’s inner ring road and you order a small crate of 12 bottles (just £40).

I told you they'd hit the road! Haha. More seriously, here's the people behind this business, It's three manned band.

Smaller orders and deliveries further afield are both possible too; please enquire to find out about the small delivery charge. Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice deliver twice a week, to find out more Jane and John can be contacted either by their email or by phone 07779161780 Alternatively, orders can be placed directly on the website:

This is where it all begins, the blossom on the trees...

An action shot.
The British apples are washed off in a bath of water, sorted and then shredded ready for pressing.

Shredded apples.
The shredded apples are scooped in to these 'cheese clothes' where they a cold pressed to produce the juice.

Juice oozing out of the cloths.
The cloths releasing this amazing juice whilst they are being put under huge pressure.

Apple juice
Fresh juice is put in to bottle within minutes.

Apple juice.
The lids are tightly screwed on by hand/machine and then they go into a heated water bath where the sterilisation takes place.

Sharing the juice.
And then yes, it can be enjoyed at room temperature, chilled or over ice with something nice.

Please share, as they need to spread word of their new way of working.

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