• Fiona Bielby

ZERO TO ONE HUNDRED | A whirlwind of a year, but here's the best of 2021

Updated: 5 days ago

Ask any photographer what their year was like in 2021 and they’ll all say the same thing, "It went from zero to one hundred, overnight!"

It was absolutely true; as 2021 began, our trade lay dormant, nothing happened.

Once again, we were unable to work and the process of rescheduling dates began, with some weddings having to postpone not for the first or the second time, some their third and maybe even their fourth, since setting their original date. It was devastating for the couples affected and by now, some of them were so fed up by the dreaded process of changing dates, that they were opting to push their dates back to 2022 and beyond in the hope they’d be able to have their dream wedding.

So I began the year, with a diary full of red marks, scribbles and countless names moved from A to B. It was pretty nerve racking if I'm honest, there had been so many moves as I've previously mentioned, that I was just hoping a praying to God that I hadn't made a mistake somewhere along the line.

There were a lot of emails going about with dates, double checking, they were right.

Now let's rewind 8 months, to where we went from 0-100...Things were so different to how they look now, I know we aren’t out the other side of this just yet, but we are a lot further on than we were. So eight months ago, I shot my first 2021 wedding, yes in May and no it isn’t normal for the first wedding in a photographers diary to be in May. What did it look like? Well the bride looked like a princess and the groom scrubbed up well too, but when it came to their day, things were still far from normal.

Amber and Rob had booked their day just after the Pandemic began back in 2020, thinking that they’d be absolutely fine by the time their date came around 14 months later, they were; however, to be wrong. Looking back some might say people using the first ever 2020 lockdown to book and plan weddings were crazy; but believe me, so many people did this. It goes without saying, back then anyone in the wedding industry was pleased to still be receiving bookings-the deposits really helps us keep ticking over! Venue's even went as far as offering virtual viewing, it was this stage of initiative thinking that saved people in our industry for sure.

Bride and Groom kiss outside of church next to the car, in Old Malton
Amber and Rob got married in Old Malton and went on to the Castle ruins in Sherif Hutton for their reception.

Nevertheless, Amber and Rob later told me they wouldn’t have changed a thing, they had loved every minute and had enjoyed quality time with their guests that were still able to come. I had another five weddings with the same limitations as the first following their wedding, where the guests had to wear face coverings, no singing was permitted and they were limited to 30 guests. It seems slightly surreal now: just like that, on 19th July, it changed and things returned to the most normal they had been in a long time.

After that things went crazy!

Just in time for the summer holidays my diary was mental with at least one wedding a weekend and countless family shoots being squeezed in mid-week, along with a bit of commercial work too.