Engagement Photography


So you’re now engaged, congratulations to you both! Whoever it was that got down on one knee, he or she, the occasion is definitely worth celebrating and capturing. What better way to do this than an engagement shoot? To wrap those electric vibes and emotions up for eternity. Imagine when you have grown old together having the opportunity to unwrap those memories and reveal them like it were yesterday, to show them to your children, your grandchildren, so they too can see where it all began, where the charisma started.

This is the beginning...

From £180


This shoot can serve so many purposes it's brilliant! 

It's perfect for announcements, (if you can keep it quiet) save the date cards or postcards, they are great in a wide mount for your guests to sign around much better than a guest book. It's also a chance to get to know and try your photographer before your wedding day. If you are the couple, who tell me you don't like having your photo taken, then this bizarrely is for you, it'll put your mind at ease so you know you will be able to relax at the wedding knowing you'll love your photography.


And with my perfectly designed package it’s deemed to do just that…if after your engagement shoot you enjoy working with me, are pleased with your photos and choose to go ahead and book your wedding day with me too, you will receive a £50 discount off any wedding package you choose to book. So you’re quids in already.


So what do you get?


  • The chance to choose to have you photos taken in an amazing location of your choice.

  • Hands on experience of what it will be like to work with me in advance of your wedding day if you choose to book after the shoot. 

  • You get to choose 24 professionally edited digital images.

  • An online album that will be available to download your images whenever you would like (available for 30 days).

  • You'll own printing rights of all your chosen photos, so you can print as many as you like forever and ever.

Extra Images...

I know it can super hard to choose only 10,20 or 30 images so if you'd like the option to purchase more, you are more than welcome to. Extra images are available to purchase at just £5 per digital image.