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What a great year 2018 has been!



Firstly, Happy New Year to all of the lovely people I’ve worked with over the last year and to them that I’m looking forwards to getting to know a little better this one.


When people say a lot can happen in a year… At the beginning of 2018 I dropped a day at work -and was worried about doing so- in order for me to spend more time doing photography.  Now at the end of the year, I’ve reluctantly (I loved working at the school) given up my day job as a teaching assistant to go full time as a photographer, my dream job from being waist high. This is the beginning of an exciting journey and I feel honoured and extremely lucky to be wearing these shoes right now. 


Over the last year: I have met heaps wonderful people-some I’ve even come to call friends; I’ve photographed 22 wonderful and unique weddings; I’ve watched and captured small and big families giving them memories to treasure and I’ve worked with some super, small, local business’. It's now come to the time in the year when I take a moment to stop, to look over and reflect on all of the thousands of images that I've taken over the last 12 months. There have been so many beautiful moments I've shared and captured with different people, it's made it a near impossible task to choose. But I know when you shoot anything, a wedding, a family or newborn session, there is always the expectation or the 'formal' or 'portrait' shots, I get it, these are to ones you will be able to print and wrap up as a gift to give to the Grandparents or the guests. These shots though, are not the ones I strive to get on your day, the ones I aim for and the ones that I love are the ones you don't always know I taking on the 'formal' shot when I tell you to take a moment together and forget about me and my camera being near you. So Although I have chosen the odd formal one or portrait, you will get a taste here of my favourites...


The Bride told me afterwards that this was her favourite part of the day, she was so pleased it had been captured.