Hi Matthew, 

I'm hoping you can help me, I'd like an instrumental piece composing to go with this or a similar slideshow, the music adds emotion to the photos or I think does anyway. I've added backing music to this so hopefully, it helps you pick out the different moods and parts of the day, I know it's not perfect and the quality is poor at the moment, but think I can only perfect it now with the actual music. Can you help? 

What you've popped together for your Mum's friend's insta account sounded great and I'd be more than happy to have a shorter piece which I can play on loop or a longer piece to go with this show. Your Mum thought it might help for you to see what I was aiming for before I asked you to do it; hence, this slideshow. I'm happy to pay you for the job too. Please let me know what you think: 07770938295 anoifphotography@outlook.com

Thanks so much