Commercial photography

Because every

business has a story...

what's yours?

Standing out...


being discovered...


or simply

showing your personality,


 the person and people behind the business can be the difference between existing or extinction nowadays. 







If the internet wasn't taking over before the pandemic, you can bet your bottom dollar that it has now. Yes, we all seem to have found this new found passion for supporting small businesses and buying local, bespoke, handmade produce, but if people don't know who you are and where you are then how can they support YOUR business? You have to be brave, get your personality out there and show people why they should choose you. 

Every business has a story, it has principles, ethics and beliefs, now more than ever you need to share that with the public, show them who you are, you're fantastic after all, you built this thing. Give yourself some credit and share it with the world, why should people spend their hard earned cash with you? What's special about your product or service? 

We have all the answers in our heads, still for many it's tough, it's hard to blow your own trumpet, to tell people why your company/products/services are the best and why YOU believe consumers should choose YOU over the next person, that's where I come in...I can help YOU paint YOUR picture to show people just how amazing YOU really are.



Done properly, they can show off your products or services, helping you to get people through your door engaging with you, that's when you will shine, you just have to get them there first, you need get them hooked, to reel them in and when you've done that, the world is your oyster. 


I'm not just preaching, this is me!


This is me with my camera and my biggest lens on, because I love shooting people from afar and being as un-bossy as possible. I always think that capturing people when they don't realise you are there is the best way to do it, so if I was to come in to your business or setting to capture you behind the scenes, you may find me lurking round corners or hiding in some shrubbery trying to go unnoticed where possible. 

I love being outside in the natural light, it's so flattering. 

I like to keep things informal and friendly.

I think being honest is the best policy.

Just be who you are!

If you decide to delve into my services deeper then there are a few things you might like to think about first, I've mentioned a few already, all the same, it's important that your photos are true to you, like I said they need to show your personality and who you are. Think hard, what are your ambitions? Who you would say your ideal clientele are? Along with, what would make you want to buy from you? 

If you're wanting photos for your website, social media and for other printing services then my branding package will probably be right up your street, it covers everything you will need to be able to show the world who you on social media along with making your website look stylish and appealing. I do other scaled back and simpler packages too if your budget can't stretch that far at the moment, but do please remember how sophisticated some good imagery can make you look as a professional. If you want people to spend with you, you need them to know you product/service is a good as you say it is and mediocre photos of you or stuff just won't cut it. 




What's included:

Initial consultation and pre visit, so we can plan the session together

Behind the scenes, action shots of you and your team (if it not just yourself) working, so people can get a feel of how you do things

The setting itself (if you have one)

Detailed shots of your products or tools, these can be great for social media, to get people thinking

Team shots, fun mainly.

Individual headshots, as informal as possible

Product shots, 60-90 minutes

Lifestyle imagery, your product/service in action.

Marketing photos, a mix of all the above

Up to 3 locations, this may be specific to your company

A blog written by me, about your business, for you to share on your website and social media

Gallery with 300+ images 





Initial consultation via phone or video call, so we can plan the session

Behind the scenes, action shots of you and your team, (if you have one) working so people can get a feel of how you do things.

The setting itself (if you are based somewhere)

Detailed shots of your products or tools, these are greats for social media and getting people thinking

Team shots, fun mainly.

Product shots, 30 minutes

Lifestyle imagery, your product/service in action.

Marketing photos, a mix of all the above

Gallery with 150+ images










Email or telephone consolation, to plan the session.

Product shots.

Snippet of you in action

Setting in brief 

Any of this can be adapted to suit your requirements


Gallery with 25 images

If you'd like to purchase more they will be available.




Pure Product


Inside only:

£130 (1 hour)

30 images

Inside & outside:

£160 (1.5 hours)

40 images

Inside, outside & surrounding areas:

£200 (2 hours)

50 images


If you're investing in a holiday home, already have one or maybe even sell your home, getting it's photographed professionally is worth even penny. I can capture the heart of your home, giving it character, atmosphere and charisma. Let's face it would you stay somewhere that didn't look 100% amazing.

Extra images will be available to purchase at £5 each.

£120 PER HOUR 

If you've got lots of products to photograph, that's brilliant, get in touch with a brief description of what you'd like photographing. I'll be able to give you a quote if you let me know what exactly you'd like doing and we can go from there.

30 images per hour booked

You can purchase extra images if you'd like. 

£5 per extra image

Nine to Eleven, Malton

Informal, but natural headshots make potential clients feel more relaxed around you. I did a lot of photography for this site, take a look...

The Picture Framing Company

This shows off, what a small company they are along with their high quality products from many of their different ranges.

Rosary Cottage, Iron

A holiday cottage, looking particularly inviting even in the winter.

Nine to Eleven

Cool glasses which looked brill from above, another great one for social media. I did a lot of photography for this site, take a look...

The Rusty Fox

Choosing an eye-catching product to stand with shows part of your branding and your face to you public which will hopefully engage more people.

The Picture Framing Company

A quirky shot like this can capture a different audience when using social media.

Rosary Cottage, Iron

The grounds, if you set the scene you get people wanting to visit.

Nine to Eleven, Malton

Sometimes an "outsider" can see things in a different light.

Nine to Eleven

Let your personality shine through, head shots don't have to be dull. I did a lot of photography for this site, take a look...

The Picture Framing Company-38

Photos of people working help others connect with the product and show off how "handmade" your products actually are.

The Picture Framing Company

Another candid headshot

Cosy Cottage, baby products

The product in action, styled with plants and pure colours to show the purity of the product. Lifestyle images are a great marketing tool.

The Library Malton

An atmospheric corner in a cosy bar.

McMillans of Malton

Product shots of some local whisky

Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice

Showing people enjoying the product can be a great marketing device and also shows Jane and Jon here enjoying their own product.

The Picture Framing Company-168

Capturing the product along the way, in stages, can give you things to talk to you audience about.

Cosy Cottage

The shop front, Clara at The Cosy Cottage always makes things look so sleek.

Florian Poirot

Having a photo with your products can distract you and relax your pose, if you fancy something a bit more formal.

Nine to Eleven Frangraces

Product shot of the reed diffusers in Nine to Eleven.

The Picture Framing Company-69

A headshot can be as relaxed as you looking up, whilst doing your job.

McMillans of Malton

When you see it everyday you can begin to see past the beauty of what you've created.


What a gorgeous corner with these coordinating colours...

Bowley & Jackson

A classic photo, of you stood outside your establishment can look friendly and it shows people where you are too.

The Picture Framing Company-115

Keeping people in their environment helps them to relax, it also paints a picture.

Dales fruit and veg

This shop looks so inviting and having a shallower depth of field, can distract away from cluttered spaces.

Bowley & Jackson

When everything looks so good, but you probably don't even realise.

The Library Malton

Showing the atmosphere of an interior will make people want to come and enjoy the space.

The Picture Framing Company-8

Here is an employee working on the lathe, showing how the company work.

Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice

A serving suggestion can make people want to buy something, it's also great for social media. This one could be used alongside a recipe so you can attract a wider audience.

Nine to Eleven Candles

We photographed over 20 scents of candles and only lit one: paying a photographer means they have the ability to edit and photoshop features you might need.

Kemps of Malton

Liz hates having her photo done, but here she looks relaxed and friendly which is just what she wanted and how she is as a person.

McMillans of Malton

Another range of whisky stocked by our local whisky suppliers.

Bowley & Jackson

A great image for a banner on your website or just to capture people's attention on social media.

The Picture Framing Company

A product shot, nice and simple, sometimes this is best.

Paleys of Malton

Colourful shots like this work well as a marketing device, they are eye-catching and promote what you sell.

Nine to Eleven

Who said team photos had to be boarding and formal?? I did a lot of photography for this site, take a look...

The Picture Framing Company

A shot of all the touch up materials, this could make a great banner to put text to.

The Library Malton

I did teaser images for this new bar, check out their feed, I think you'll be able to tell which are my images and it looks super sleek!

The Animal Art Gallery

Rachel, showing off what she does, eye-catching and simple, perfect for an about me page or a "Hello" on social media.

The Gallery, Malton

Photographing the product in situ can make it look more appealing.

The Patisserie Malton

Andrew with his produce, we can see which business this is linked to but it's impersonal as there's no face so it could be used for anything.

The Picture Framing Company

This shows off all the action in the company's workshop.

Cosy Cottage Baby Product

The greenery defines the fact that the product is natural and organic.

Nine to Eleven

Because there's so much to look at in this amazing shop! I love the layers of products in this photo. I did a lot of photography for this site, take a look...

Nine to Eleven

Another product shot of the diffusers to show you can buy the oil separately too.

The Library Malton

Another teaser image, highlighting things near the bar area.

Yorkshire Wolds Apple Juice

Adding hints of what's in the products makes things look more appealing.

Take of Malton

A wonderful shot for a banner, you could make this transparent and add text over the top, to make you website stand out.

Swallows and sons

A professional camera can be use artistically to highlight a product, by lighting details.