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Capturing the bond

The bond that words can only begin to explain, yet the story that photos can beginning to illustrate AND WHY EQUINE PHOTOGRAPHY can be so powerful.


Inspired by my love for these powerful creatures, there's nothing more empowering than being in a partnership with. Anyone who has a horse or indeed a pony will understand, a horse is not just a horse, there is a bond and it doesn't just come from nowhere, it takes time, patience and commitment. 


There is an undeniable trust between horse and rider there has to be, anyone who has this or has experienced it will know how lucky and incredible you feel to be in this place. A horse can read you and you can read them, the twitch of an ear the stamp of a hoof and you can begin to understand what they mean. Their spirits are therapeutic, there's no place quite like it, being on the back of your horse or just enjoying their company. 

My relaxed photography approach is perfect for these sessions and gives you the chance to show the connection between you both, documenting your relationship and the things you enjoy doing together. I'll come along and capture the session like a day in the life of along with getting you a few nice portraits too. Would you like to find out more about these sessions?

Turning your image in to the Portrait 

If you're not in North Yorkshire but would like something special, I often get asked, if  I can do something with images you may already have, photos you may have taken in the past of your beautiful creatures, this is a great idea if you have a nice shot but it's cluttered or just a generic image you could make more of. Sometimes you dig something out of them years ago or maybe they're sadly not with us anymore, all is not lost because I can turn.

May with the horse 013-2.jpg

This in to 

May with the horse 013-Edit-1.jpg


If you like the look of this then, please get in touch, it is image quality dependant nevertheless it's always worth an ask. The print size will depend on the original image quality, if you send me the file then I can quote you for the actual job, prices start form just




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