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Does any of this sound familiar?

Well, the children might not stand still, your partner might not like having their photo taken and the children might be at that "funny" age, but that shouldn't stop you capturing your evolving family, they'll all appreciate your efforts in years to come, you can be sure of that.




It really doesn't matter if the kids are running around like crazy, mini-beings or if your teenagers are scowling at the camera, because you're going to laugh about it afterwards and that's the best part. If your photos make you laugh, smile or tell story then I consider that a job done well, informal photography is so much more fun that what you probably will be imagining.


My photo shoots are meant to be informal, lifestyle sessions, where we plan to meet in your home, somewhere picturesque or special and go for a walk together. I'll capture you along the way when the barriers start to go down, these sessions are meant to capture the authenticity of you as a family. I have two teenagers now, so I feel your pain, my 18 year old hates the camera and won't let me put anything on social media whereas my nearly 16 year old worships it. 


I always say to the families that I work with, that they should just be themselves and try and get the younger ones engaging, if they're onside then we'll get some great photos, so play with them, tickle them and throw them up in the air. Hopefully we'll get them climbing trees, jumping in puddles and chasing each other around, after that we'll try and get you all together for a few more standard and formal shots, but even these can be fun. Come with the mindset that you're probably going to get dirty and you won't all be looking at this same time. You're ALL going to be involved because it's a family session and you're all a part of this. It's an experience, you should enjoy so that when you look back at theses photos you'll remember the feeling you felt in that very moment.  

You're right, you did spot me and LOADS of my family and friends in this little snippet, and I really need to update this with the addition of some more recent photos from our times spent together. Every year, I create a photobook which wouldn't be complete without a shed load of lifestyle photos, these are the ones I like best. OK, there are a few "portraits" in there too, but in comparison to the ones of us busy doing stuff they're minimal. Some may argue, that you would only choose the portraits to frame and put on your wall, even so, I would say I have 6/10 that are lifestyle and the rest are your typical'ish portraits, this is because I like to chat about the ones I've chosen to display. 


This is how I aim to achieve the same for you... 

First up, I want you to come with an open mind. I'm probably going to tell you to do some absolutely ridiculous stuff, even so, bare with me and trust me, it's all about the interaction and then finally, the reaction. When I take your family portraits the most important thing to remember is to focus on each other and NOT the camera. You're about to see yourselves in a whole, new light for the very first time. When you book a session like this you'll get to see the real you, guards down just enjoying one another's company. 

How does it sound so far? Hopefully not too scary; we'll take a walk through your location together and explore our surroundings along the way, your only expectation should be to have fun, enjoy the beautiful surroundings you chose and depending on how big your group is, a few different mix up of characters for the series of images we're bout to make.




Don't be surprised if you get leaves in your hair or covered in mud, it's all part of it because...






Everyone's here to have a great time and I'm here to photograph it all, in all it's glory! Pay attention to the people you wanted to be involved, I'll get everyone's attention when the time's right. This is the end of the photos where the parent's are pointing at the camera looking stressed, shouting looking this way. Take your time, let's work around the small people, we've got this.

If you like the sound of this then please take a look at my packages, I try to make sure there's something to suit everyone' if you have any questions feel free to ask or see if I've covered it in the FAQ's

Sam, David, Annie, Edward and Bertie-109



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