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Wedding Photography


When your guests have gone home, all the confetti has settled and all the cocktails have been consumed; the rings, the photos and the two of you will be the only thing left to hold. You'll be able to remember together, every time you look at your photos, you can put them on your walls and share them with all you love, both now and in the future ahead, even when you're old. 


Considering this, I think this makes your photographer's job pretty dam important, so you need to make sure you choose the right person to do it. Crazily, did you know, you'll potentially spend more time with your photographer, than any other person on your wedding day? Remember your photographer is there from the get-go until all the dancing.


 You're putting your story in whoever's hands you choose, your photographer needs to be a person who you trust and that you'll be comfortable being around.  Be sure your photographer has a similar vision to you, look through their work, and follow them before you decide because when you choose them, you should feel you can trust the vision for your day and that should be the end of it.


 Here are a few things you might want to consider when choosing them:

Have you seen their work?


Do you like what they've produced so far?

How do you feel in their company? 

If you choose to ask me to capture your wedding day, I will, of course, be ecstatic!


 I'll be keen to find out about your plans and meet you both in person before the day if possible. I'll be aiming to document your day in as natural a way as possible, capturing: tears, smiles and connections; my hope for your photos is that you look through them and relive the day, time after time, after time. I want you to feel something inside, when you look at them, like when all the hairs on your arms stand on end and they get pimples all over them.


My hopes are for you to laugh, cry and rejoice when remembering the day together.

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My ability to use a camera is pretty important and it's often the first thing people think about when they look to book a wedding photographer, but have you thought about how you 'gel' with that photographer?


Time and time again the people I work with tell me, that I make them feel entirely comfortable, in my presence. As the years go by I've decided that's as much of a gift as the knowledge I have to use my camera and how I see an image before it's taken.




I'M PLEASED TO TELL YOU, all of those people told me later, that it wasn't as bad as they expected and they love the outcome of the experience. MOST EVEN SAID, THAT HAVING THEIR WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHS TAKEN WAS FUN. 


The thing is, I understand, I also feel like this and often used to say that I didn't enjoy having my photo taken because I just DIDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO IN FRONT OF THE CAMERA. It was exactly this feeling, that drove me to photograph people how I do.


I'm pretty reserved, and because of this, I like to work most unobtrusively. I'd rather avoid telling people what to do or how to be and I find this works in my favour. It helps me create a true interpretation of your day. If you need a bit of help during your portraits, of course, I'll be able to give you some pointers, usually, I'll simply ask you to do something fun or insignificant and the rest is over to you. Everyone reacts differently to certain prompts and directions, THIS IS THE BEAUTY OF MY CRAFT


It's my job then, to capture your reactions for you

YOU MAY HAVE NOTICED, in most of my images, there will be someone, if not everyone, LOOKING AWAY FROM THE CAMERA. I'd like you to know that's not an accident, this is something I love, it shows the characters within you: The thing is, I'm aiming to CAPTURE THE MOMENT, THE ATMOSPHERE AND THE ENERGY OF THE DAY and to do this, I'll be taking photos of your friends and family engaging in one another's company.

I can make a camera-shy person, feel entirely comfortable, in my presence. I won't be pushy or make you do things you don't want to do, they're yours. That's a promise! i put this skill up there, with my ability to use my camera. 

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The luxury way to share your photos after the big event, it's never too early to think about what you'll do with them when you get them.



Here's the breakdown on how I like to capture the atmosphere of your day, how I plan and how we'll work together.




Here's what you'll get and how much I charge to photograph a wedding.

"Fiona is not only fantastic at what she does but she’s also a lovely person! When looking for a photographer we were quite picky with what we wanted, we’re not very traditional and wanted more of the candid moments - when I saw Fiona’s work I knew she was the one and she didn’t disappoint.
When we met she explained everything and made us feel comfortable, she asked the important questions (who could be photographed with whom and the family dynamics!) which meant the day ran so smoothly without any awkward tension. We honestly can’t thank Fiona enough, we now have the most beautiful photos, better than we ever imagined, to remember our day.

We would 100% recommend."


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