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Welcome to my site, I’m Fiona, a Wedding and Family photographer based near Malton in North Yorkshire. I’ve always had a flare for photography since around the age of 7 when I was lucky enough to get a pocket camera in my stocking, I’d save any spare pocket money to spend on films and developing. Over the years I’ve upgraded my cameras and spent many a happy hour snapping away, capturing my own friends and family.

When I originally studied photography, film still ruled, I spent hours experimenting in the darkrooms, dodging and burning only to anticipate what hidden treasures would be revealed upon the white canvas. This was back when 8MP was state-of-the-art and blew everyones mind. Crazy! Predominantly, I’m self-taught when it comes to digital photography, playing and puzzling with new ideas whenever I can. I’m always open to new ideas and angles from both clients young and old as well as other professionals I collaborate with.

Anyway that’s enough about me; I want to hear about you, you and your people. I can’t wait to capture: your worlds of laugther; those exuberant smiles, the games and the fun, those looks and emotions. To freeze them in time forever and ever, so you can treasure them, day after day, year after year.





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Pre Shoots

A great way to work with your photographer before your wedding day, also see pricing for my money back offer!



More of a lifestyle session to document the new arrival.

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Check out my family sessions designed to be fun and relaxed.

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Other Photography

I also offer a range of package for commercial and product photography.