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Hey there! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my site. I’m Fiona, I specialise in Wedding and family photography, although I also love being asked to do other types of photography too - I enjoy a challenge. I’m based near Malton in North Yorkshire but I do love to travel about and see new places, so don’t let location be a barrier. I’ve always had a flare for photography and the ability to frame and capture details. I most enjoy photographing the unexpected and unplanned.


There’s nothing like knowing you’ve managed to capture the moment that everyone can’t believe has just happened. When you’re at a wedding or out on a family shoot, there’s always the chance to capture this type of footage. You might not always know it’s even happened, but I promise you, I’ll have snapped it. Sometimes it’s a glance or a smile, sometimes it’s more obvious - like the bride and groom’s daughter tugging at the bottom of the Vicar’s robe then poking her finger up her Dad’s nose whilst he tries to say his vows. Or the Bride's niece, who's dancing at the front of the church to the music, totally stealing her limelight as she's signing the wedding certificate. Equally priceless.


“Did you get that?”

Is one of my favourite catch phrases from guests, I love it when I can answer, “Yes I did!”

I love people-watching. Why? Because it’s the most fascinating activity you can do! Watching how people interact with one another is interesting. If you haven’t tried it, you so should! Be careful though, I used to think if I wore sunglasses, I could watch anyone and everyone without being seen, until I was watching another ‘people watcher’ doing the exact same thing! We certainly looked away quickly when we caught each other’s eyes and I found myself chuckling. You know when you have a crazy, HUGE grin on your face for no apparent reason and you’re totally by yourself in a public place? CRINGE. Yeah, that’s me.


So there are no prizes for guessing why I’m a documentary photographer. The answer, in short, is I love to photograph moments, activities and events as they unfold and to capture the unknown…Check out what I've been up to lately in my portfolios.


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Lovely photo by Catherine at Boho Wedding Photography

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