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Now I have all the details, we'll order that photobook!

Your options for the cover 


Now you've chosen your material and colour you should think about how you will personalise the cover...

On the Front Cover you can have, one or two lines of text in one of our standard fonts, there are lots of options for the two lines of text. Take your time, to think about what you might like it to say and then have a look at the options below to decide how you would like it displaying on your photo book. 

Also known as blind blocking or stamping, but the same magical process. They use traditional methods to imprint letters into the cover without ink or foil. It’s an elegant, tactile finish.

To engrave your text or logo, our highly accurate laser removes the material’s top layer to reveal its natural hues beneath.

The latest personalisation technique, but it can achieve either a modern or classic look. We can print directly onto most of the materials in either black or white ink.

A really eye-catching finish. As with debossing, they imprint letters into the material, but press metallic foil into the indentation.

My suppliers can now finish the leather album covers with real 22 carat gold lettering and logos. It’s a dazzling look and we think is a first among UK-based album makers. (Additional charge.)


This lustrous silvery-white metal looks heavenly on the leather covers and can be used for either lettering or logos.


Standard Fonts 


There’s an expanded range of standard fonts to give you plenty of options.


For debossing and foil blocking, you can choose from Bebas, Prata, Helvetica or Coronation. The latter is used in traditional bookbinding and is similar to Century Gothic.


For printing, engraving and 22 carat gold, you have an even wider choice, which includes Bebas, Bombshell, Century, Century Gothic, Courier, Futura, Gill Sans, Helvetica, Magarella, Melinda, Montserrat, Prata, Times, Trajan and Univers. Examples below.

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