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BETH & TOM | An understated, rustic, enjoyable wedding day at The Mill, in Stillington, near York

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

Both Beth and Tom work within the NHS and at times, described their jobs as being immensely stressful, so the thought of planning a big, fat wedding seemed overwhelming and unnecessary to them both.

Instead of planning a wedding that potentially could stress them to high heavens, they decided to plan something smaller, something more intermit with their absolute nearest and dearest, an enjoyable day for them all. Because Tom’s Dad and Beth’s Mum are religious people they chose to get married in their local church, at Huntington, knowing how much this would mean to them both. There were only 13 people, including Beth and Tom on their day, but getting married in the church meant that some close friends and other family members could turn up and watch too. This really meant a lot to them. Beth couldn’t believe that friends and colleague from work had waited to watch her arrive and leave the church, I know this touched her massively, as she said afterwards, how lovely and unexpected it had been to see them.

Photo fro a distance of all saint church, huntington

The spirt of All Saints Church in Huntington, York

Muted green birch tree foliage is hanging a decorating the pew ends in the church.

When it came to the colour palette, Beth and Tom kept things natural and simple, using lots of green foliage to fill out their decor and where necessary they added rustic, seasonal flowers, which complimented both the church and the venue afterwards. A great tip for savvy couples who would like to keep costs lower, whilst using what's available at the time. Using flowers to decorate the church and the transporting them to then venue later is a great idea too, not only does it save money, it's eco friendly too.

The church window is in the background with a windflower display int front on a flower stand.

Mum of the groom is sat with her friend wait of the service to begin.

All Saints church, in Huntington (York) is beginning to fill with guests.

A duo is setting up ready to play music as the bride enters the church.

Wedding car driving the bride to the church.

Waiting nervously the groom is unaware the bride has arrived.

Dad is about the get out of the wedding car.

Photo taken through the door of the wedding car, the bride is smiling, she's excited to get married.

Just of of the wedding the car the bride turns and smiles are her father, who is helping.

the bride is greeted by a friend who is waiting to watch her go in to church

Dad is looking proud as he follows her daughters towards the church holding her veil

Holding her bouquet the bride is smiling as she walk towards the camera and church entrance.

The groom is stood next to the bestman, who is sitting down, he's looking pensive

After the service, the couple headed back to The Mill, at Stillington, a place they both describe as, ‘their little secret place.’ They discovered the mill post lockdown as things began to open back up. They loved the fact that only a few people knew of it's hidden location; also, they really liked how beautiful, peaceful and friendly the place is. They’d made some wonderful memories there already, enjoying afternoons and evenings together, before they were engaged. They told me how they'd often both commented what a wonderful place it would be to have a wedding as well.

Sat looking in to each others eyes the couple are in the wooded area of stillington mill

The bride and groom are stood on the bridge over the mill pond, at stillington mill

chatting and smiling at one another the bride and groom are enjoying a quiet moment together.

the bride is resting her head on her husbands's shoulder. the look peaceful

When Tom proposed to Beth in October 2021, whilst in Canada, at Lake Louise they knew right then where they would celebrate. They wanted to keep everything as local to them as possible, so people didn't need to stress and worry about getting from place to place. With this in mind, they got Kiki, a cook living nearby to come and cook to most incredible Mediterranean, veggie food for everyone to graze and enjoy. Both of them enjoy travelling, so representing this within their cuisine meant a lot to them. They wanted it to be an informal affair so opted for finger type foods, that people could enjoy as they chatted and listened to the band. The band another thoughtful addition was lead by one of Tom's friends, it added the most lovely feeling to the afternoon as their acoustic notes gently floated through the trees.

the band are playing music in the shack at stillington mill

the guests and the bride are eating the olives and nuts

the band playing music

the snack made by kiki from cardamon and dill

Their day was just as they had wanted, they spent quality time with their immediate family, grazing on olives and almonds as they sipped gin and tonic in the idilic gardens of the Mill. Carefree and no stress at all.

Maggie and Paul the owners, have a keen eye for details and they’d decorated the tables beautifully with assorts of nick-knacks, I’ve actually never seen anything like it, take a look and see what you think.


"Do it for you!

Don’t do it for everyone else.

This was made so simple by the fact that we were never worrying about what would be a crowd pleaser or who would sit next to who, how they would organise transport and potentially going down the route of creating a wedding website- so many couples do this now. By choosing to have only family, we knew they would be happy with whatever we chose to do; we knew they'd be happy, knowing we were happy, which meant nothing else mattered.

Everything was local which again made the logistics easier for the day, for everyone involved."

Credits to Suppliers

Church: All Saints Church Huntington | Venue: The Mill, at Stillington | Photos: Anoif Photography | Cake: Nelson Bakery | Food: Kiki Burton, Cardamon and Dill | Dress: Bridal Rogue | Hair: | MUA: | Suits: | Flowers: | Band: Tom’s Friends

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