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LAURA & SCOTT | Burythorpe Country House Wedding, with hues of pink and children galore.

Receiving her maternity ring before the engagement ever even happened, should tell you that these two never planned to get married at all, yet during the 2020 pandemic something made Scott change is mind. You can imagine the shock Laura felt, when she was called from the kitchen to find Scott in the hallway, on one knee with Harley and Hattie stood each side, she really couldn’t believe her eyes. Laura was lost for words and so the speeches went, this is a rare occurrence.

Burythorpe House at Golden hour

Laura and Scott have been together for nearly 17 years, they have two beautiful children, who I could tell are very precious to them both, they have a lovely home and already so many memories together. They’re a close knit family and actually met through Laura’s brother, he’s one of Scott’s friends.

Even though these two had never planned to get married, Laura had always dreamed of saying her vows under the roof of St Mary’s Church in Old Malton, if the chance should ever arise. She loves the grand exterior and has many sentimental ties to the building, since they had their two children christened here and as a child it had been the church she’d go to for seasonal and festive services with school.

St MAry's Church from the wall side

Guest meeting outside of St MAry's Church

Looking over the road to St MAry's Church

Guest arriving with gift to the wedding at St MAry's Church

The car pulls up outside of St MAry's Church

Bride with her dad in the wedding car outside of St MAry's Church

Meeting the vicar in the doorway of St MAry's Church

the groom sat in the pews at St MAry's Church

The vicar is asking the groom to come to the front of St MAry's Church

Waiting for his bride at the fort of St MAry's Church

The flower girl and sage boy are walking down the aisle followed but the bride and father of the bride.

Waiting patiently at St MAry's Church

Pleased to see dad at the front of St MAry's Church the page boy is smiling fondly at him.

First look it her groom at St MAry's Church

Happy to see her groom

They kiss each other as the bride arrive to the ceremony at St MAry's Church

The whole of St MAry's Church with the couple getting married

During the hymn the organist is playing at St MAry's Church

Leaving the ceremony at St MAry's Church

Confetti ad they leave  St MAry's Church

The thing these two were most looking forwards to (when they eventually decided to do this thing and actually, get married) was spending time with their friends and family. Life can get so busy, it’s rare that whole families’ ever get together, so this occasion has been something they’ve been very excited about indeed.

When they came across Burythorpe House, it was exactly what they wanted, close to home, so their friends and family could get to and from the event with ease. Plus, they loved it’s picturesque grounds and the fact that there’s plenty of them. With the two of them being together for such a long time they have a heck of a lot of joined friends from over their years. It was a sure thing they’d need space, they wanted a marquee, that way they could mingling freely and just take it all in.

Not only did the they want the space for the marquee, they wanted to give their children the freedom to run around and have fun, knowing they’d be safe.

Arriving at  Burythopre House in the wedding car.

Driving in to the grounds of Burythopre House

The Marquee at Burythopre House

The wedding party running toward the camera at Burythopre House

The girls going back to the party at Burythopre House

View from the side of the marquee at Burythopre House

The bridal party at Burythopre House

Golden Hour at Burythopre House

Messing about in the ground of Burythopre House

Golden hour at Burythopre House

Burythopre House gardens at golden hour

the golden hour at Burythopre House

Did I mention the bouncy castle? Obviously they needed room for this too!

Bouncy Castle at Burythopre House

Children on the bouncy castle at Burythopre House

Burythopre House the bouncy castle

Enchanted bouncy castle at Burythopre House

All the shoes at the foot of the bouncy castle

Putting on her shoes sat on the bouncy castle at Burythopre House

Everyone enjoyed the sun in the gardens and watched the kids have the time of their lives, as they did, they had the pleasure of listening the the acoustic live music after dinner. The live music was important to Laura and Scott, they wanted their guests to relax and have a dance too in an atmosphere suited to this. They both felt that adding the music would create this feeling and it sure did.


Photos: Fiona @ Anoif Photography | Hair: Hair by Fran | Dress alterations: The Bridal Studio Malton | Dress: Little Pearl Boutique | Rings: Leefes jewellers Malton | Cake: All Iced Up | Stationary: Milk and Sugar Design | Venue: Burythorpe House | Music: 24 Live Acoustic | Marquee: Village farm marquees | LOVE Letters: Memories to Media

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