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TOR & TOM | Carefree, Woodstock Wedding in York: EVERYTHING they ever wanted.

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

It's couples like these two that makes my job literally the best thing in the world; over the time I've know Tor and Tom they have shown me how together they they can overcome whatever is thrown at them.

When I first spoke to Tor way back in the summer of 2019, she told me about their plans for a relaxed wedding, they were having the ceremony in their chosen venue and then it was all about having a good time rather than the formalities and worrying about rushing from one place to another. They would have been one of the first couples to get married in Woodstock too; fast forward to March 2020 and with literally hours to go and Boris called off all weddings and closed the industry. Many of their guests had already arrived/were travelling from Devon and other places in the south leaving them to revel the heartbreaking news, that they were no longer able to become Mr and Mrs the following day. I honestly can't imagine how devastating this most have been, yet they both kept their chins ups and remained optimistic.

With their plans dashed they did their best to enjoy the weekend with their loved ones and after all they had an entire wedding cake that needed eating too, so there was at least one perk!

Over the last few of years I've got to know these two a little, Tor kindly agreed to be my guinea pig when it came to starting an equine side of my business and modelled with the lovely Rocky and they also did a save the date with me for their second rearranging of their day.

The horse is stood in the stable and his owner laughing towards to camera

The horse is sniffing his owners pocket.

The couple are holding a sign saying 01.10.20 #secondattempt

The couple are sat with their dogs, who are wearing a sign around their neck with a date on.

I loved meeting your animals and getting to know you both a little more!

A few more failed attempts later and finally, 758 days later they were able to become Mr and Mrs Foan. Like a lot of young couples, who were planning to tie the knot and then start a family, they became Mr and Mrs with their daughter Freya at their side. After all, no one knew how long the pandemic would last and if you want to start a family you have to just get on with these things. 🥰

Freya looked adorable in her little white dress too and I think she really helped Tom out whilst he was nervously waiting for Tor to arrive.

Groomsmen are fussing the groom's daughter

Grandparent is making her granddaughter laugh

Distracting his daughter as he waits for his bride, the groom as pointing through the window.

A guest is squeezing on of the flower girl;'s hands playfully.

The first look at his bride as h=she walks down the aisle

The registrar is greeting the bride, she is smiling.

All the brides maids and tentatively looking towards the couple who are waiting to say their vows.

Holding hands and facing each other the bride and groom and saying their vows.

Th bestman has the rings laid in the palm of his cupped hand.

The bestman is passing the rings to the couple so they can exchange them

Tor is looking lovingly as her new husband.

Hand in hand the newly weds are walking to of the ceremony at Woodstock.

Outside, the bride and groom are clinking glasses to toast their marriage.

We chatted just a week or two ago, when we knew they day was actually going to happen and we wondered what the weather would do, it was actually snowing as we spoke, but how the sun did shine and what a wonderful job Woodstock weddings and events did of hosting their day.

Once a traditional horse stud, Woodstock has been converted into a unique event and wedding venue, nestled in 20 acres of beautiful, secluded countryside. It's a wonderful wedding venue to work with. With everything you need right on hand, from the ceremony area and huge party room with it's mezzanine balcony containing a snug area to it's very own cocktail bar. Tor and Tom had exclusive use of the whole venue, they were free to eat, drink and dance into the night, sharing their special day with the people who meant the most to them.

Confetti tunnel

Confetti is being thrown at the couple

A guest is putting confetti on the grooms head.

The grandparents and looking lovingly at their grand daughter as their son holds her.

The groom as kissing a guest to greet them.

The bride is enjoying choosing a canapé

One of the guests is throwing the couple's daughter in the air, she is laughing.

The brides friends are embracing her in a group hug.

The couple are showing their rings to their nephew.

The bride and groom are stood in front of a vintage Jaguar holding a drink each.

The venue from a distance.

The flower girls are playing in the green at Woodstock

Guests are mingling in the sunshine at Woodstock

Sat on a wall in the sun two guest are chatting away.

The table plan with the cake in the background.

A close up shot of the wedding cake.

The tables are set up in the dining hall at Woodstock

Table design at woodstock

The sweet trolley at woodstock

Reflection of the function room at Woodstock

Two guests are posting for their photo as they wait to see where they are going to be seated.

The couple enter the room, after being announced in.

The guest are clapping because the bride and groom have entered the room.

Carrying the food to the guests

I plate of food, beef with mash and vegetables

A close up of the steaming food in the waitresses hands.

Th whole room with the father of the bride beginning his speech.

The guests are raising their glasses to toast the couple

Th bride is laughing at her husbands speech

The groom during his speech.

Th bestman is holding up a mop head

The bestman os delivering his speech

The groom is wearing a mop on his head and everyone is laughing

The bestman is singing a song to his best friend.

The bride and groom at laughing at the song his friend has made up about them.

The bestman is playing a guitar

One of the guests is kissing his wife on the forehead.

The guests are sat outside chatting after the meal

The flower girls are running around with no shoes on, it's getting dark.

The patio heaters are going and the guests are sat out chatting.

The cocktail bar at Woodstock

Because at Woodstock they have such amazing outdoor spaces, getting the photos with their nearest and dearest was easy and we could get plenty of variety. Tom had bought his groomsmen personalised boxers for their original wedding date and despite them being a little tighter than they should have been everyone had to wear them for the day so they could do this photo!! 😂📸

The groom and his friends are revealing their boxers which say the original date of the wedding on them.

The boxer reveal by the groomsmen

The groomsmen all together

The bride with her bridesmaids.

The bridesmaids and the bride are walking toward the camera linking arms.

All of the groomsmen and Dads are stood with their arm around each other.

The groom is placing his hand on the brides shoulder as they walk away.

Th bride and groom are holding hands, laughing and walking away

The bride and groom facing each other and smile towards one another.

The couple are looking across the fields at woodstock

The bride is smiling  at her husband and putting her hand on his shoulder.

The sun is setting behind the bride and groom, they are kissing.

The bride is doing a pet lip towards her husband, he is laughing.

The are walking away holding hands.

What a super day and a wonderful venue, I love a day where you feel like you're one of the guests. Thanks for having me!! Credits to suppliers: Photography: Anoif Photography | Hair: Fran Grayson | MUA: NH Makeup and Beauty | Flowers: Sue Church | Car: Classic and Sports Cars | Venue: Woodstock Weddings and Events | Food: F4D ltd | Cake: The best sister in law ever! | Dress: Morilee | Suits: Mark Darcey | Band: South and West Band

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