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ALISON & JOHN'S Floral, Raven Hall Wedding.

Two hearts, two lives, two people joined together forever. Looking across the cliff-lined shores as they committed to one another at their Raven Hall Wedding, Alison and John counted on each other for support . As they did so, they giggled under the pressured of being centre of attention and Alison couldn’t help, but titivate and adjust John’s tie and button hole. (Anything to distract from being centre stage. Cute.

Bide and groom near the turrets at their Raven Hall Wedding

Being the centre of attention, isn’t for everyone; least of all myself, so I totally, could relate with what Alison and John had told me. They wanted a simple day, no surprises, nothing big just them two and their closest friends and family. They’d fallen in love with the idea of a Raven Hall Wedding, due to the ceremony room, being right up their street. They’d loved the fairy-light, lit dark rafters, the bare stone walls and dramatic cart-wheel chandeliers that hung above them. Alison has a love of all things floral, that said, she mixed greens, golds and white with her flowers for the overall theme, which fitted so perfectly with the venue’s already golden lights.

The ceremony room before the wedding

groom is waiting for his Raven Hall Wedding to begin, he's looking at his watch.

Bridesmaid walking down the aisle at a Raven Hall Wedding

The groom and his best man what in anticipation at the Raven Hall Wedding

Brides first look to her groom at their Raven Hall Wedding

Grooms first look at  his bride at their Raven Hall Wedding

Raven Hall’s historical charm and sea views had won these two over as soon as they’d come across it, with John’s Archeological career, there’s no the wonder. Alison and John’s love of history had also lead them to very interestingly, naming their tables in the the banquet hall after King Henry VIII’s wives, mainly because Alison is a self-confessed Tudor geek, which I totally love! Not to mention it was very fitting for the setting. The food also was another draw for them, John's gluten free and Alison's vegan, so you can imagine it must be quite tricky catering for these two, even so Raven Hall did so nicely. Alison also had a nod to her veganism, with the little pink marzipan pigs, plus they're one of her favourite animals and she thought it fun to incorporate them somewhere.

The banquet hall at the couples Raven Hall Wedding

guests enjoying the day at a Raven Hall Wedding

When I first heard about Alison’s dress, I was pretty excited…She told me it was flowery, this obviously, got my curiosity going and annoyingly, I couldn’t ask anymore incase John read something by accident or overheard our conversation. The dress was incredible, it’s delicate, ivory mesh completely, embellished with dainty floral embroider. Alison reminded me so much of Maid Marian, from Robin Hood as soon as she embodied the enchanting frock!

The outfit also included a matching cape, OMG! I think I must have told Alison this a hundred times, that she looked like Maid Marian, because she really did and she looked so effortlessly, beautiful.


Credit's to Suppliers Photos: Anoif Photography | Venue: Raven Hall | Hair: Anna Green Bridal Stylist | Flowers: The Topiary Tree | Wedding Stationary: Lindsay at The Vow, Sheffield


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