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JESS & SAM'S Wedding at The Kilnwick Percy Club, Pocklington

Small and not too formal, Sam and Jess wanted most of all to have fun and to PARTY!

Did they do this?

Oh yes they did!!

You're about to discover who Jess and Sam really are, in all of their awesome incredibleness...

When it comes to your day, you want to be able to look back on it just like Jess and Sam will, knowing that your photos portray things as YOU wanted, untainted, inspired solely by yourselves; the conditions of the day and the place you chose to do it, with the people you care about.

These two wanted as many awesome, candid, off-the-cuff moments capturing when it came to the photos of their day, they wanted them to be as natural as possible, so they could look back on them and remember what it was like to be there and re-live their day over and OVER.

I've known Jess along time now; we worked very closely, together at a local primary school, where I was Jess' teaching assistant, cupboard tidier and chief photocopier.

Sorry Jess, I couldn't help myself.

We loved our time working together, it was rich with enthusiasm, laughter and gossip, we had SO much fun. I can remember her telling me she'd met Sam, the spring before she left for Malasia. Jess had accepted a teaching post and was preparing to leave for two year. So they did the long distance thing, spending 2 of their 5 years together in 2 different continents and they came out of that smelling like roses. Not for everyone, but definitely for these two. Incredibly, they pulled it off even making the most of their free time travelling and enjoying being together. Moving back to the UK they've set up a life together and vaguely remember mention of Sam hiding the ring in the Christmas tree??? Jess? On 8th April 2023, what fun we did have! Outlining their story so far perfectly, Jess's sister Poppy had written the most incredible reading for them both, she had everyone laughing, crying and in the best of spirits before the ceremony even began.

Once upon a time, a young lady met a very hairy man, She was trapped in a tower, in a faraway land, He brought her flowers, And placed a ring on her hand A knight in shining armor, Sam is to Jess And now she stands on the aisle, in her white, wedding dress, This is like a fairytale, just like Belle or Cinder, I’m just joking, they actually met on Tinder, A primary school teacher and a (ummmm, Evri, something about Evri,), they’re such a cool crew, But in fact they can both teach each other a lesson or two, Sam teaches lessons in cleaning ‘Jess, you just missed a smidge’, While she teaches Sam how to get her Prosecco out from the fridge,
She set off for Malaysia, but would their relationship ever last, Years since then and now that’s all in the past, They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and in this case it did, I’m sure it won’t be long from now until they have their first kid. Sam is coming round Jessica told me, Who is Sam I replied, He’s my boyfriend, I guess, He’s the guy I met online, Hesitant at first, I didn’t know what to expect, She said he is a really nice guy and in fact she was correct They travelled the world together, Thailand and Japan, Visited several hot countries, yet Jessica still couldn’t catch a tan, He did turn veggie, just to prove his love, But only a few weeks later she found him scoffing pork scratchings down at the local pub She’s loud and he’s also LOUD (oh it says that bit in capital letters), She’s loud and he’s also LOUD, yes, very LOUD, But I don’t mind, I suppose there has to be one in every crowd.
Like Copy Report They both found their lucky charm, their four-leaf clover The one they continue to love over and over,


Anoif Photography for photos | Shindig for decorating | Leon Marshall for singing | Boothamatic for photobooth | Kilnwick Percy Club for Venue.

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