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ANNA & SCOTT | Rustic-themed, Winter Wedding Celebrations at Sandburn Hall, York.

Anna and Scott have driven past Sandburn Hall over the years and they both agreed it would be a lovely place to get married. They loved the grandeur, the rustic appearance of the wood and render exterior, especially the glazing too.

When I met these two they were both so passionate about the venue itself along with the grounds and setting of it, which made me really excited to capture their day.

Photos are extremely import to these two; because of this, we made sure we planned plenty of time to go out and about in the grounds of their venue, just the two of them and with their bridal party. With it being a winter wedding, the addition of a second shooter made a huge difference, it meant Alice could get among the guests, whilst I went off with these lovelies to have some fun.

A wedding later in the year can mean you have to compromise with your daylight photos, you either get out for portraits and groups straight away, or you capture the mingling. I do work quickly with my couples but this made things run so smoothly.

They were keen to get out after dark from some shots too, it always add as lovely variety within your gallery. This is definitely the perk of a winter wedding and thankfully we were lucky that given it had been a wet day at times, it was actually pretty mild when the sun went down for November; in fact I'd go as far to say it was probably warmer than it had been during the day.

When Anna’s Dad incorporated photo in to his speech, it highlighted just how important they were to this adventurous duo, it never seises to amaze me how many fabulous and different ideas people have when it comes to these personal times of the day. Between her mum and dad they'd collected a story of Anna's life as a little girl all the way through to meeting Scott and their adventures together so far, it was wonderful to see their guests reactions to the images.

Anna had chosen Mauve as her colour scheme to fit in with all of the natural wood the venue had to offer, they wanted their day to be as unique as it could be. The dresses looked incredible. At the time of choosing Anna had ordered a few different styles and then when her bridesmaids came to trying them on, they surprisingly chose two different styles, totally by chance. They looked great and popped against the autumnal colours that November has to offer.

The wedding dress itself, was another phenomenal choice…Anna had been in to two different bridal shops and had by coincidence tried the exact same dress on in each, this sealed the deal for Anna and she decided it must be fate.

What a stunning dress it was and the champagne undertones teamed perfectly with the mauve.

She also added her sometime blue with the addition of these cute baby-blue sandals, I loved this idea, a bit different too.

Anna even made matching earrings for herself and her bridesmaids, which means they now have the most thoughtful keepsake to remember their friends wedding day.

They had live music played throughout their day, this was really important to Anna and Scott, they chose Undercovered to do this. Clark played thoughtout the day, first as a solo, acoustic artist and then within his band. He even learnt their chosen songs for walking Anna down the aisle to Scott, along with the first dance too.


Make a list of everything you need to organise, time will pass quicker than you think, try ticking something off it every week, so you don't have loads to do at the end.

I love to capture days like Anna's and Scott's, if you're planning something similar, please get in touch to check my availably and tell me about your plans so far!


CREDITS TO THE OTHER LOVELY SUPPLIERS Photography: Anoif Photography | Second Shooter: Alice Lodge Photography | Dress: The Little Pearl Boutique, Pickering | Flowers: Patrica May Florist | Hair and Makeup: Lauren, Beth and Caroline, The Shed Hair Salon | Bridesmaids Dresses: Asos | Suits: Next | Venue: Sandburn Hall | Cake: Cait Who Bakes | Fairy Lights & Lanterns: Wedding Venue Lighting

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