• Fiona Bielby

Di & Mick's Rich, Red Wedding at The Pavilion Hotel, York.

For Mick and Di it all began on Christmas Day 2018, when Mick took his lovely lady totally by surprise and asked her to be his wife, they laughed fondly of this memory when they told me at our first meeting and then said, “I can’t repeat what Di said really!!” This is such a precious part of the job, getting to find out about how it all began, it’s not always just about the day, but how the couple got there too.

Couple sat on a bench in York
Ironically, even the planters outside the hotel were red too, how could we miss this perfect opportunity!?

So the question was asked and Di I can only assume accepted eagerly, so what was to point in waiting? They got straight on to it and planned their wedding in just 7 months starting with the venue, they told me that The Best Western Pavilion was about the third place they enquired at and it was unexpectedly just around the corner from where they live, so this sealed the deal, they decided it must be fate. When they arrived at the venue, Craig, the wedding coordinator there was welcoming and really helpful too which made the couple sure that they had made the right choice!

Couple walking
Di and Mick walking back to The Pavilion Hotel, York after our impromptu photo session.

The Best Western Pavilion Hotel in York.

Couple at The Pavilion Hotel, York
The happy couple and I took the time whilst their guests were being seated, to grab some happy shots of the two fo them in the hotel's grounds..

In July last year, they were married in the hotel with their loved ones watching over them, Mick with his son at his side as his Bestman and Di with her Uncle on her arm and Grandchildren at foot (or the ones that could walk anyway) as flower girl and pageboys. They were lucky with the weather, which meant they got to enjoy drinks and canapés in the garden whilst meeting and greeting everyone as the live music from the violinist drifted through the grounds.

Couple exiting the ceremony.
Leaving the ceremony to enjoy their guests and the sunshine.

confetti in a box
Confetti, ready and waiting for everyone to get to it.

Confetti shot.
Buying a whole load of confetti for your guests to throw at you is always a great idea, it makes for a stunningly, natural shot every time!

Conffeti and the guests
The guests are always eager to join it with this type of photo.

Confetti on the ground.
I love to capture the ground when it's been showered with confetti, I also like the shadows of the guests on this too.

Bubbles being blown over the couple.
And then there were bubbles...EVERYWHERE!!

The guests through the doorway.
From the inside to the outside...

A hug from the guests.
Di enjoying meeting here friends and family.

Drinks and laughter in the garden.
The perfect afternoon for drinks in the garden at The Pavilion Hotel, York.

What did Mick say? I love the reaction that their guest had to whatever it was :)

Family group shot.
Group shots should be as fun as possible!! This bunch look really happy and so they should be they've just officially become family.

Blowing bubbles.
Dedicated Grandparent's, I know they think the world of these little ones!

Group shot.
A whole party group shot, these can be a lovely memento and work well when I can get up high!

Di and Mick chose a rich-red as the colour scheme for their day, a timeless colour that worked even in the height of summer and it was chosen purely because Di found the most beautiful, little, red, kitten-healed shoes…Here they are!

Brides shoes.
Them shoes, I can see why Di liked these!

These was the inspiration behind the flowers, the ties, waistcoats and the room being decorated with red details such are the chair cover-wraps, the favours and the odd red rose in the country, styled floral arrangements on the tables. Don’t you just love it, girls and their shoes! The bonus was that the Pavilion Hotel’s dinning room already has lots of reds involved in the décor, so Di and Mick’s additions just added to it perfectly.

Flowers by Amanda Jopling, did she do a classical job!

Di with her beloved Uncle who had the honour of giving her away.

Bows on chairs.
Rich, red blows garnished the aisle perfectly for Di to walk to meet Mick.

The ceremony room
The ceremony room at The Pavilion Hotel, York.

Little details around the hotel, Pavilion in York

Even the carpet on this impressive staircase matched their colour scheme.

Table decor
Table decor and details, in rich red.

Function room, Pavilion York.
The room where they everyday the meal and speeches.

Children's activities.
Planning activities for them little ones, gives them something to keep them occupied, whilst the grown ups listen to speeches and enjoy their meal is a great idea!

Photo props
Fun props on the tables act as great ice-breakers between guest and you get some ace selfies with them too.

The pair had recently started Rock and Roll dance classes together, I’m not sure if this was to get ready for the wedding and their first dance or just for fun, but it has certainly turned in to a bit of a shared passion for them both. They were proud of this and wanted their cake to represent it, Chelle Holmes from Holme Made Cakes did the most amazing job of creating and decorating their vision for them. I have honestly never seen a wedding cake like it, it even lit up!