• Fiona Bielby

Emma & Duncan's Wedding

Well what can a say about this very beautiful and personal day; this gorgeous couple are so 'in love' they made me fall in love with them both too! From their hand-scripted vows, to the top hats and thistles everything was perfect.

They had thought of everything, the vows were both beautiful and heart felt with so much humour and charisma, their personalities shone and touched each and every guest in the house.

Emma and Duncan had their wedding rings hand-crafted as one offs by one of Emma's oldest friends (Claire Shipley), making them even more special, they had a spectacular, vegan wedding cake made by another friend-Jane and to top it off Emma's hairdressing friend was there at the crack of dawn, to do the brides stunning hair along with her very beautiful bridesmaids.

Their guest was, warm and welcoming I was never spare of a friendly face to snap or an ear to chat to, your pictures are stunning and this is down to you guys, here's you online album;


Check it out and share it with your friends and family. You will need a password, ask Emma or Duncan for this...

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