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  • Fiona Bielby (Anoif Photography)

Check out this Tardis of a holiday cottage!

La Fenetre, 4 Kirkham Lane, is based in the small market town of Pickering near the town centre. Really, it's like a Tardis!

La Fenetre, Pickering

La Fenetre, has a light and airy, homely feel to it as soon as you step through the door, with the ground floor's open-plan layout it makes the cottage ideal for both families and friends alike. This semi-detached property offers 3 spacious bedrooms -2 doubles and one twin- 1 family bathroom, an en-suite and a WC off the twin room. It also includes a secluded outdoor dining area, allowing you to enjoy the summer evenings.

Tim bought his humble cottage 18 years ago and actually lived in it himself, so he's got first hand experience of just haw conveniently placed it is. After moving on, he kept hold of this little gem and rented it successfully on a long term basis, for a number of years. Then 2 years ago, Tim decided to carry out mayor renovations to his property, bringing it to its full potential, cleverly using every morsel of space and transforming it into a superb holiday cottage. It was important to Tim to use local suppliers where possible, his mother handmade the blinds, with fabric from Wath Court, Hovingham and he commissioned a local artist and family friend, Sue Maud, from Rillington to paint the unique sign on the front of the property.

Sue Maud, creation
Fabric from Wath Court

The fuel behind this transformation was Tim's parents, they've always had holiday properties. This, being located in a popular tourist destination it was a no brainer really given that Tim had always fancied running one himself. After completing the renovations with the assistance of his parents, Tim signed up with Airbnb with the desire of running it himself. He's now a super host on Airbnb with a rating of 4.9 out 5 after over 100 reviews, way to go Tim!

And if you're wondering about the name 'La Fenetre' which I must admit, I was, it means 'the window' in French, Tim's friend suggested it all those years ago when it purchase the cottage due to the amount of front facing windows. I love it!

La Fenetre.

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