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  • Fiona Bielby (Anoif Photography)

A Pebble Made Artist

It all began with a mermaid, on sunny day at the beach with the children…Yes, it’s true, that’s where Mel got the idea of setting up a Pebble Art business.

Artist with stag art work.

Mel loves spending days at the beach with her husband, two children and the dog and back in 2016 she and her children created their family portrait -including a mermaid- on the sand with pebbles. She enjoyed the process so much she began creating at home, sticking them down onto hardback mount and putting them in a frame. People saw them and like them. Mel began doing craft fairs to get her work out there and advertised on Facebook. Then Mel got ‘the bug,’ the more she made the more passionate she became. People would message or ask Mel if she could make X, Y and Z and she’d do it. She’s had some interesting briefs to follow and always comes up with incredible interpretations of them. Her creations are unique and truly amazing.

Family Portrait, pebble art

Mel says one of the best things about what she does is: "Peoples reaction to my work is really amazing and fulfilling when I deliver them the mockup piece."

Paw print
Safari Animals Pebble Art

I’ve watched Mel work, she’s unbelievable, you see her scanning the pebbles, shells and sea-glass, all of a sudden she’ll pick something at random and say, “this looks like a veil blowing in the wind’ or ‘this is the perfect shape for a mermaids tail.’ That’ll be her starting point, she’ll then gather other pebbles and start strategically placing them on to a surface, fiddling and manipulating them until she’s happy. The process takes a long time, her designs are delicate and precise, no two alike. She’s an organic artist for sure. To watch it come together is magical, you can see the passion she holds is 100% genuine!

Mel believes the materials she works with are beautiful because that’s how Mother Nature designed and made them, so she generally leaves them in their natural state. She loves how each pebble is different and finds that sometimes they naturally lend themselves to one another to form the perfect composition. Her business has gone from strength to strength since she officially decided to go for it in 2017 I know the future will be just as rosy as long as those ideas keep flooding in.

Deep in though, sorting through pebbles.
Sea Glass from our local shores.
Working at her daylight lit desk.
Made by Mel

The Stag , for sale on her website.

Check out Mel’s Facebook page and website to see her latest creations.

Photography by Anoif Photography

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