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Capturing Your Big Day: An Introduction to how I'll photograph your Wedding.

It's your wedding day and it's your story so that's what your photos should represent, they will make you shine, document what an incredible time you had whilst showing off the characters you've invited and they will embrace the atmosphere you create.

Bride and groom enjoying their first dance at Runa Farm

Lots of my couples tell me they don't enjoy having their photo taken and that they're not confident in front of the camera, I'm here to tell you that's absolutely fine, just be yourself, you are you and you should embrace that, whatever that may be. My best advice to you -it's what I tell everyone- ignore me.

The couple leaving the church to join their reception celebrations at Harome

Dance floor moves at Howsham Hall

A rainbow at Low Osgoodby Hall Wedding

In th moment and singing theirt hearts out at Low Osgoodby Grange

Lost in a moment during their wedding day portraits at Sandburn Hall

Two guest dancing at a wedding

Low Osgoodby Grange Woodland Wedding Ceremony

A bridemaid watching fondly during a Terrington Church wedding

BRide and groom running trhough the field.

Waiting nervously for his bride at The Woodlands in Leeds

Aldby PArk Wedding Portraits during golden hour

The couple decided to run through thier confetti

Yes, that's right, ignore me, pretend I'm not there and just carry on with the day as you would. Be in the moment, absorb yourself in what's happening and I'll do the rest.

Bride and Groom exiting their wedding ceremony at St Mary's Church in Old Malton

So there you have it, it's simple.

When I photograph a wedding I like to treat it like a story, it has a beginning and an ending with all the magic in the middle. That's why I really love to be there from the start of the day until a good few hours after the dancing has begun. Sometimes I have couples telling me that they're not bothered about photos of them getting ready, it's not them or they wouldn't use them and that's fine, but even so, I always recommend that I'm there at least two hours before the ceremony. The reason for this is it gives you a chance to get used to me being there.

Even if you don't think you are bothered about these photos now, you never know what gems will happen as the morning unfolds and as the years go by you'll never look back on these and think I wish I'd never had the photographer there whilst we got ready. Don't worry, when I'm there in the morning I blend into the background, I'll work with the conditions and the space you have so don't worry at all.

If possible, I always like to try to get to both of you on the morning of the wedding, so you both have a chance to get into the swing of me being around and I also can gauge what you're comfortable with. This way, when it comes to the ceremony you won't even notice me, so that's why the getting ready photos are important.

The bride getting ready at Runa Farm, The relection thorough the window.

The groom doing his hair on the morning of his wedding.

A Flat Lay of all the invites and bits and bobs.

Grandad bringing breakfast to the boys at the wedding

The Hairdresser smiling at the little flower girl as she's doing her job.

Groom kissing his dog

Th dress, throught the doors at Kilnwick Percy Gold Club

Mum bringingbreakfast to the girls.

Bride getting ready at The Talbot Hotel

The groooms mum is sorting out his bow tie.

Runa Farm wedding the brides preparations

Howsham, HAll Weddingh mum helping the bride get ready

Dad looking fondly at his daughter on the morning of her wedding at Kilnwick Percy Golf Club

When it comes to the ceremony, I always aim to capture as much action as I can as discreetly as possible. My main focus is both of you, but I'll also keep an eye on your guests' reactions, especially key people on your day, which we will have discussed and potentially I'll have met whilst you were getting ready too. I work alongside the registrars, vicar, celebrant or whoever might be conducting the ceremony to make sure we don't get in each other's way. At the end of the day, we're both working for you and we both want to do our best for you.

Bride walking down the ailse at Howsham Hall

I Harome CHruch, the exchange of the rings.

St Mary's Church Old MAlton during the hymns of their wedding.

The grooms Dad is looking fondly towards his son during their wedding ceremony at Runa Farm

Exiting the church at Winteringham

The ring barer bring the rings to the groom at Runa Farm

Signing the documents at Harome Church

A happy tear is running down the brides face during their exchange of vows at Old Malton Church.

Exchanging the rings at The woodlands, in Leeds

The Groom sees his bride for the first time. Kilnwick Percy

Low Osgoodby Grange, Woodland wedding

The bride's brother sheds a happy tear during the vow exchange

Groom eagerly waiting for his bride in St MAry's Church, Old MAlton

Mum and Dad watching joyously during a woodland wedding at Low Osgoodby Grange.

Sandburn HAll Wedding, the bride is greeted by her son as she walks down the aisle

Terrington Church, the bride and her dad are walking down the aisle

Westow church, the bride and greoom during their blessing.

Beverley Minster, the couple during their ceremony.

Terrington Church, the couplke are happy to become husband and wife

A stray page boy during the ceremony at Westow Church

PAge boys laughing at this Mum and step dad exchange rings

Beverley Minster during the ceremony,.

After the ceremony, I always tell my couples to go with it, enjoy meeting and greeting your guests and letting them congratulate you both, this is absolute gold for me to document, it's all-natural and unscripted which is perfect for my style of photography.

We'll have discussed your timeline of events before your wedding day, so you'll just need to immerse yourself in what's happening and leave the time slots to me and the other suppliers to work with, we'll keep you on track. We'll have put a plan together and chosen a time to suit you for doing the formal'ish photos and of course your portraits too.

Guest plays peek-a-boo at The Pheasant Hotel in HArome.

The Woodlands in Leeds, during the canapés

Whilst you eat I'll leave you to it and grab a break myself, no one likes having the photo taken whilst they're eating and the last thing I want to do is make people feel awkward, everyone should be able to enjoy their grub and have a relaxed chat. I'll be ready and waiting to capture the speeches whether you choose them before, after or between courses that's fine, I'll make sure my base is nearby so I can be prepared. From this point again I'll just be there in the background, I'm not always using my camera, but it will always be ready to use if the opportunity presents itself, capturing the impromptu moment is exactly what I'm there for.

Please let people know that I'm happy to be asked to take photos of them with anyone they like. Just ask, I love being asked to take a snap for you and your guests, often it's a rare opportunity for people to grab a group photo with loved ones, whilst everyone is present.

The day will continue with the flow and I'll be there to photograph the first dance along with some funky dancing later too. Generally, I stay an hour or so after the first dance, I have an idea of how much footage I need to gather to complete your story and if it takes a little longer that's fine. I'll always come and catch you before I go to make sure you're happy and then offer you a final portrait session as well, not everyone goes ahead with this if they're in the moment and that's fine, it's your day, and I won't be offended.

As the day goes by, I'll give you prompts if the light is looking good at any point for portraits and it's up to you both whether or not you'd like to go ahead, like I say I won't be offended if you decline, I'd rather offer your the opportunity and you say no rather than you getting your photos and wishing I'd suggested something.

FAQ's How long do you stay? I stay around 1-2 hours after the first dance to make sure we get some good photos of your guests enjoying the night entertainment, plus this gives the night guests a chance to feature in the photos too. What time do you start? Generally, I like to be with you for a minimum of two hours before the ceremony, we will discuss this before the day and work out a timeline for the morning.

Can you photograph us both getting ready? Of course, I usually can do this on my tod but if you're getting ready further than 20 minutes away from one another I may require a second shooter, which is an additional charge. Can we have family photos? Yes, of course, these are what I refer to as the formal'ish photos, please hop over the my blog on these to find out more. How many photos do we get? Every wedding day is different, but usually, around 800 images will be uploaded to your gallery.

When will we get the photos after the wedding?

You will receive a preview of images on social media (unless you opt out of this) the day after your wedding, I then aim to present you with a sneaky peek blog 7-10 days after your wedding, which you can share with your guests, on social media and wherever you like really. The rest of your images will be with you in around 4-6 weeks after your wedding date unless I've advised you it will be longer. How do we get our images? You'll get an email with a secure link to your gallery from here you can view your photos and then share them via a link with everyone you'd like to. Do we need to pay a deposit to book in? Yes, a 25% deposit is required to book and secure your date, the rest of the balance is due 4-8 weeks before your wedding day.

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